Stat Testing From Beta Phase 3- Speed, Healing and Damage

Doctor Mog and members of the Daeva of War FC along with other members of the community were on a mission with this past weekend of the phase 3 beta test.

Their goal? Do math. Lots and lots of math. And spreadsheets! And parsing!

What they came up with was the realization that skill speed ain’t all that, how stats affect healing, and some formulas for helping to calculate damage on a few jobs.

Additional information can be found in the following Google docs:

5 thoughts on “Stat Testing From Beta Phase 3- Speed, Healing and Damage

  1. I’m confused. Without having done the math necessary to plot out exact stat weights, how do they arrive to the conclusion that skill/spell speed aren’t worthwhile? Their logic is that it takes a ton of the stat to reduce the GCD by X amount and therefore it’s crap? Without actually directly comparing to corresponding increases in other stats and plotting dps increases relative to each other? And how do they arrive to the conclusion that you should *never* gear for it? What exact conditions have they tested under?

    And why is Gamer Escape linking to unfinished work on stat testing?

    1. We thought it was interesting and wanted to share it. As it is important to have this information in the wiki we’ve been following the testing and wanted to let people know about it.

  2. Also its not completely finished. They could only parse so much at different stat levels over long periods to get a few good parsing averages. More will come as they continue to work on it throughout phase 3 and beyond. You have to admit though, its a hell of start and a courtesy to everyone to sit there for an entire weekend parsing this for EVERYONE ELSES benefit……..and not just keeping to themselves when its all finished.

  3. Thank you very much for being anal enough to pursue this information lol! I know at my current mmorpg n00b stage this info won’t be of immediate concern to me, however, once I’m pretty good I can really see pursuing this at that time. You guys rock.

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