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March Of The Lalas

23 Jun 2013


It’s no secret that players involved in the Final Fantasy MMO community are some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. Of course, I’ve also only heard that from Final Fantasy MMO players, so perhaps we’re all a bit biased? However, an event has arisen that has proved the statement to be quite true.

Last night, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn saw its first March of the Lalas, a community run even in which players gather together on Lalafell characters and run around through the lands of Eorzea.

We caught up with Denmo Mcstronghuge, the man, or rather, the Lalafell behind the event and talked to him about the march.

GE: How did you come up with the idea for the Lalafell March?

Denmo: My FFXI linkshell hosted a naked level 1 race from Bastok to find hidden LS members in Dangruf Wadi, way back in 2006 or so. Lots of death. Lots of goblins. Lots of fun! Prizes too! The event didn’t require high levels, endgame strategies, or super builds. Everyone could participate. Despite my years of playing FFXI, that was one of my fondest memories of the game. It was that kind of fun I enjoyed the most.

I didn’t really have a plan at first. I just thought one day, “Man, it’d be fun to do this.” And then ideas piled on as I started putting it out there. Got some great suggestions from friends too.

I also didn’t plot my path at all (sorry!). I just kinda went from point A to point B. But even that turned out OK, because Square Enix happened to design a world that’s just chock full of fun landmarks.
A lot of the rules I laid out were last minute ideas. Like how I was to be the only one wearing an Onion Helm so people could spot me easily. I was told it worked out pretty well!


GE: What were some of your favorite moments from the event?

Denmo: Oh man. Too many to describe. I was literally on the edge of my seat with the biggest dorky grin on my face the whole time. Lessee, to name a few that stuck out:

  • The Lalafell Dave Chapelle was killin’ it with his jokes.
  • The emote spam will haunt my dreams forever.
  • Bayohne the community manager showed up. Caught me totally by surprise!
  • The music and sounds that SOKEN came up with for the game were spot on for everything we were doing!
  • Witnessing one Lalafell after another fall from high places with a *crunch* was hilarious.
  • The reactions we got from people as we made our way through crowded areas.
  • The high level players who helped clear a path in front of us in the harder spots. You guys rocked it!
But most of all my favorite part was the amount of people that came. I was expecting maybe 50? And then it was an hour to go before the event even started and we had amassed a pretty sizable crowd. Everyone was so nice!

GE: We have to agree with a lot of those. The ambient crowd noises were great! And all of the falling sounds coming right after each other reminds us a little bit of all the dying sounds in FFXI after wiping to a BCNM!
Any plans to try another event like this? We’d be interested in helping to organize/host something. Maybe even do a live stream during it!… while of course respecting the NDA.

Denmo: I’d love to! While I don’t have any concrete plans of yet, another event in the near future sounds like lots of fun. Maybe one before Phase 3 is over, where we head out to Limsa Lominsa. I’m open to ideas and suggestions!

GE: Thanks for setting this event up! It sounds like everyone had a blast!

Denmo: Thanks everyone for showing up! I’m still in mild shock over how well it turned out. It’s my belief that MMORPGs are meant to be fun, above all else! If you’re not having fun, what are you doing? Get out there and start an event of your own! I’d probably participate!