10 thoughts on “Pronunciations With Fernehalwes

  1. Perfect. But did you guys record this in a bathroom?

    1. A room in a booth at E3. Unfortunately this was the best/quietest location we could get. All things considered I thought it still came out well

  2. He needs to do a weekly / monthly pronunciation podcast. Just like 3-5 words from FF for us that look at the word Quetzalcoatl and go that Queso bird thing.

    1. It’s not a reoccurring thing, but we are trying to work out some more stuff with him ^_~

    2. Kwetz-uh-kwa-til. Or, more correctly in the original Aztec, ke-tsal-ko-a-til

  3. had to pause this as thought was thundering XD, this is really handy as few words I have been saying wrong. love to hear more about how say some the words without going “did I just butcher it?”

  4. Actually the pronounciation of the german ö (=oe) was wrong. It is spoken like the “o” in “work”. What Fernhalwes pronounced was more the ü (=ue)!
    Greetings from Germany^^

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