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Support Gamer Escape (Updated)

17 Jun 2013

Gamer Escape Banner
As you may recall, last month we posted asking people to support Gamer Escape financially.  We asked for just few bucks a month and made it clear that we didn’t want to restrict any content to those that supported us. The response was lukewarm (although we got two dozen or so subscribers and a couple very generous one-time donations). We posted on the Official Forums and, before the post was taken down, we heard you that you wanted something in return. So we went back to the drawing board. Supporters will now get:

(1) a special forum badge

(2) highlighted on wiki recent edits and history lists;

(3) listed on our Supporters Page; and

(4) be eligible for certain exclusive contests and giveaways.

But we wanted to reward those that support the site in other ways as well – namely by editing the wikis! So, you can now get the above Supporter bonuses by editing the wiki too!

One might ask: “What do we mean by exclusive contests and giveaways?” Well, maybe you noticed this from last week?

Let’s just say… stay tuned…

Check our our new Supporter page for the full details.