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Let's Make a Wiki!

17 Jun 2013

We here at Gamer Escape are proud of our wikis. We do things that, as far as we know, no other wiki anywhere is doing. Information on an item’s page populates over to a category listing, and over onto a listing of items with that stat, and anywhere else that it makes sense. Information that an NPC sells a given item it placed on the NPCs page and is shown on the item page. Add a recipe and the ingredient pages automatically reflect that they are used in a particular recipe.All this might sounds pretty run of the mill for a pure database site (and it probably is), but it is anything but run-of-the-mill for a wiki. But so what if we’ve managed to turn a wiki into a quasi-database?

The answer is that you get the best of both worlds.

You get a site that not only offers the basic information about items and recipes, but you get quests, guildleve and dungeon information. And you get walkthroughs and guides. And you get pages on Lore, pages on transportation, pages on… well anything anyone in the community deems important. And it doesn’t rely on an administrator to update or moderate. Since we have been making wikis for FFXI and FFXIV we have seen countless sites fail (and a few survive) – and the reason many fail is simply that the one person who updates the site stops playing the game. Is the founder of a given site going to be playing when patch 2.1 hits? 2.2? 3.0? 9.5? The power of the wiki is that it doesn’t rely on anyone to keep playing, keep interested or keep updating. But it does rely on the community as a whole.

Anyway, the NDA for Final Fantasy XIV is lifted and the information is flowing. Some database sites will surely pop-up instantly based on a scan of the data files. Those sites will have some information that is not yet in-game, some that that will never be in the game, and probably some gibberish as well. That is not to say that information doesn’t have it’s place – it does – but it is not the end of what the community needs or will want. We’re going to be working hard to get everything added to the wiki, and call on the community to help the community build the wiki.

To start, we’ve created a nice template for quests – and I think it is a good and easy place to start. If you want to help out, head over to our Quests Category and just enter the new quest you want to add in the box below “add a quest”, press enter and fill in the blanks. Don’t worry about getting it perfect on your first try – or even about getting all of the information entered. It’s a wiki! Someone else can come along and clean it up and fill in missing details! If you have any questions and/or want to level up your wiki skills, feel free to post in the FFXIV Wiki section of our forums!

Over the next few weeks we will finalize additional templates (while continuing to tweak the existing ones). We’ll be sure to post them when they are close enough to final to be used.