Naoki Yoshida Hits The E3 Floor

2013-06-12 17.20.50

Towards the end of day 2 for E3 2013, Director/Producer of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Naoki Yoshida greeted the fans that had spent hours waiting in line to play the game and take on Ifrit. (The line was over 5 hours long right after the doors opened this morning!) He signed autographs for attendees and posed for some pictures before moving over to a Conjurer PS3 station to play alongside others during the last Ifrit battles of the day. After his group won, Yoshida-san went up and did commentary for the final fight of the day.

You can check out the footage we captured of the event after the jump!

8 thoughts on “Naoki Yoshida Hits The E3 Floor

  1. That was awesome. It’s great to see a producer so involved with the fans. Especially considering he is Japanese and he is out there with almost no idea what anyone is saying, yet he does it like a champ.

  2. I think Yoshi_P speaks a fair amount of English. Remember he is a big fan of western style MMOs and has played them for years.

  3. Awesome? He told the guy to shut up.. That is rude and childish. I expect better from people who call themselves producers. Condescending to people is pathetic. Yoshi just went from hero to 0 in my book..

    1. No that was just what the american translated it as. you did not hear what yoshida actually said. he could have said wait a second.

      hell he could have said ifrit is a douche and you would still believe he said shut up

    2. lmao, dude that guy is the lead in translating shit in the game to english aside from the letters and blogs. They spend LOTS of time together so they are very good friends.

  4. That was a joke he said to koji fox one of his co workers relax stop taking things so seriously and remove the stick from your behind.

  5. I was cheering on the other team at the end! XD That was fun to watch.

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