16 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY XIV New Class & Jobs Revealed!

  1. God damn I’m so sick of seeing FFXI designs lifted straight into FFXIV.

    1. You don’t love little Carbuncle? Other than that I’d argue that nothing was lifted from XI in this video.

      1. I love Carby, but I used him for seven years in XI, so I want a new design, like in ever other FF! At the moment it seems they’re lifting every XI mob and placing it in XIV.

        1. It just saves them money. They probably have all the old super high pixel count models from FFXI development and it’s probably pretty easy to just take those and downgrade them a bit for FFXIV.

  2. Sorta weirded out by SCH being a pet class, but I’m a big fan of support/healing type classes so the gameplay itself sounds pretty appealing to me.

  3. So does Arcanist branch out into either Summoner and or Scholar, or one of the other….

      1. Has this even been confirmed? It really doesn’t seem right to have such a permanent choice and lock out a job like that. I wouldn’t mind leveling it twice but having to make a choice between one or the other when we should have access to both?

        1. Yeah it was confirmed during the Letter Live that Arcanist branches into Summoner and/or Scholar :)

        2. Well saying it like you did before maeks it sound like there is a choice to make. If the job stone system is still in effect for that you would have quests to get both job stones. Then decide which to use before you head out into the field but it is unlikely choosing one prevents the other.

        3. Yeah I can see how that could be misinterpreted. Sorry bout that :)

        4. You had me worried there for a moment – I was like why is this game turning into something like that =p . I’m 100% ok with that , quests and lore is fun to see when doing job quests.

        5. Lol yeah I’d be going out of my mind too. Sorry for the panic attack lol xD

  4. kinda peeved about sch, why not thf or nin or rdm!? However, I am excited to see how the jobs and classes blend.

    1. It’s gonna happen one day, probably first expansion pack, “Daggers of the Near East” lol

  5. i am so excited to get both summoner and scholar they where both among my top 5 favorite jobs from ff 11all they need to add is red mage and blue mage and i will be content with ff 14 (loved all mage jobs)

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