Fighting Ifrit At E3 2013

2013-06-11 17.25.11

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is at E3 in full force this week. With signs plastered around the downtown area’s light poles, to Gaius appearing on every single elevator and bus stop we’ve seen.

You can’t walk the back aisle of the convention center’s South Hall without hearing the members of the community team as they provided commentary while attendees took on the Primal of fire.

But what about all of you? E3 is an industry event, and we know a lot of you, while you may love to be, are not actually in the industry. So we’ve got video and pictures after the jump to give you the full FFXIV E3 experience!

When arriving at the Square Enix booth, they’re handing out tickets for the Ifrit battle with a time on it. That way attendees don’t have to stand in line all day. Nice!

When your time is up, you arrive at the FFXIV:ARR theater at the SE booth and are given a brief presentation. During the presentation, they show off the new E3 trailer and then go over a few MMO basics, and tell you how “if you see a glowing fire appearing under you… you need to get out of the way”. But all of you Ifrit pros already knew that right?

Afterwards you’re sent over to the roped of section filled with PCs and PS3s running the game. All of the characters are stationed in an Aetheryte somewhere in La Noscea. The reps from SE walk around and set up the fight via the Duty Finder. After everything is set, you get teleported right into the fight with Ifrit!

The fight (which we were told has been dumbed down slightly for the show) only consisted of one spike appearing, which needed to be defeated to prevent Hellfire, and had a noticeable lack of Ifrit teleporting and dashing across the ring. Again though, the fight had been adjusted for the show. I would assume the real version of the fight still involves all the elements of the original 1.0 fight.

So the big question is.. was Gamer Escape victorious in taking down the Lord of Inferno? Somehow, Fusionx’s group won… even though he was stuck playing a Conjurer. Fusionx healing? What is the world coming too!?

Unfortunately for Gahoo, his group got extra crispy from their battle and weren’t able to take home a win.

Below we have some video and screenshots from the booth. Please note that the video may not be the best quality, the booths are very loud, some of the presentation is a bit hard to hear. But we think you’ll get the idea :) Enjoy!

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