FFXIV Dev Blogs: E3 Day 1

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For those who missed it, Fernehalwes posted 5 new developer blogs yesterday during E3. Where did he find the time?!!?? Here they are in all their glory.

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Hey all!

Fernehalwes here, filling in for our blog’s resident mascot, Kuplo Kopo.

It seems he hitched a ride in Yoshi-P’s stylish jean jacket, and was successful in crashing a few of the day’s most exclusive events…

The morning started with the Microsoft press conference…


Then moved to the Sony conference…


And ended with a private screening of the new FINAL FANTASY XIV trailer…


Lucky Mog…

But for that last one, it looks like we’ll all only have to wait until 10:00 am (pst) tomorrow morning!

Talk to you guys then!



[pane title=”This is Your Mothercrystal Calling”]


Fernehalwes here.

For those of you who haven’t yet noticed, our newest trailer, the “Crystal’s Call,” has finally gone live!

Not only is it made up completely of in-game battle and quest footage, and features an EPIC SCORE composed by our very own Knee-Soken, but it’s the first time you’ll get to hear some of the voice acting in not just one, not just two, not even three, but all FOUR languages supported by FINAL FANTASY XIV!





If you look carefully, you’ll find the trailer is filled to the brim with never-before-seen tasty footage─some of it not even slated for release until after the Beta Test. So, put out your feelers and let the speculation begin!


[pane title=”Back to the Future”]

Hey all!

Fernehalwes here!

If you’ve been following the news from E3, you’ll know that today was a big day for Square Enix. At 9:00 a.m., we held a private press conference for the media at the prestigious JW Mariott Hotel to showcase what SQEX has in store for the future (hence the conference name, “The Future”). In addition to trailers and and a Q&A session for FINAL FANTASY XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Lightning Returns, and FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster. the one-and-only Naoki Yoshida took the stage to show off the Crystal’s Call trailer and tout FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn’s entry into the PlayStation 4 ring.


Our moogle mascot tried to force his way onto the stage as well…


…but was quickly removed by security and escorted to the elevators back to the lobby…which just happened to be pimped out in Gaius colors!




[pane title=”It Bleeds…But Can You Kill It?”]

Hello, hello!

Fernehalwes back again for another report on day one of E3.

As many of you already know, FINAL FANTASY XIV has a commanding presence at this year’s Square Enix booth. Not only do we have a private theater just for ARR, but 16 game stations (8 Windows PC, 8 PlayStation 3) and a commentary booth─all this to accommodate the Ifrit Battle!

Let me give you a breakdown of how the system works…

First, players who have lined up for the event are led into our private theater, where, after a screening of the Crystal’s Call trailer, are given a short presentation about the game and the challenge.


After being split up into two teams and choosing which class they will play as, players are led to the game stations and are given a mere ten minutes to defeat Ifrit (with complete strangers piling on the pressure from behind).


Depending on the outcome, players are awarded one of two vouchers:


Those who take down Ifrit (and there were actually a lot of winners today), go home with a Meteor Survivor polo shirt, a classy tote bag, and a slick chocobo sticker. Those who wipe…well, despite having their souls damned to the seventh hell by the Lord of the Inferno, they still get to claim the sticker and the tote.


Now, the real question is, how will everyone fare once phase 3 starts?

Yoshi-P will be watching!


[pane title=”Like Our Boss”]

Hello all!

Fernehalwes back for one last update before passing out while watching re-runs of the World Series of Poker.

After a long day of conferences, interviews, meetings, and battle commentary, Yoshi-P still managed to find enough energy left in his tanks to do an hour-long Producer Letter Live! In addition to answering some questions from the community, Yoshi-P chatted with several surprise guests. Including our new president and CEO, Yosuke Matsuda…


(…who told Yoshi-P that he would suffer an FPS-style headshot if FFXIV didn’t succeed… /gulp!)

And then came legendary Square Enix producer, Yoshinori Kitase…


…who revealed that he had taken (without permission) the Miqo’te RSE and converted it into an in-game costume for Lightning Returns!


Luckily, Yoshi-P gave his OK, and even promised we’d try to find a way to fit something from Lightning Returns in A Realm Reborn!

Finally, 2chan founder Hiroyuki also popped in to say hello…


(…and promised another NIco Nico Douga event!)

But it looks like the 12-hour day took its toll on poor Yoshi-P…


Yoshida Naoki falls to the ground…

Fernehalwes begins casting Raise…