Ubisoft Conference: E3 2013


If EA had a safe showing, then Ubisoft is the kid in the shallow section with arm floaties and a life preserver.

Full of CGI trailers and minimal live gameplay showcases, Ubisoft didn’t take many chances in their E3 2013 press event.

Jerry Cantrell, lead guitarist of Alice in Chains, opened the presentation with some impressive guitar skills as he introduced Rocksmith 2014. Regularly touted as “The fastest way to learn guitar,” Rocksmith 2014 will be out this October.

Host Aisha Tyler set the tone straight away by telling us how she really feels about Ubisoft’s lineup. “It’s a straight bonkers group of games.”

But nothing is bonkers about Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the next installment of Sam Fisher’s stealth action game. The new game sees Fisher on the hunt for members of the “Blacklist.” Spies vs Mercs returns as the primary multiplayer mode, sure to please long-time fans.

Rayman Legends was shown off again. A Gorgeous hand drawn and heavily stylized 2d platformer. Legends is a follow-up to the successful Rayman Origins from 2011. It allows for 4-player offline and online co-op multiplayer and looks to be the biggest Rayman title yet. It’s slated for release on September 3rd.

The humorous dungeon-crawler, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot lent a bit of humor to the conference. Free to play, players will explore the World of Oppulency and build, defend, and attack castles for loot and adventure. Build your castle, put creatures in it, Defend your stash, take everybody else’s stuff.  The gameplay seemed a bit Diablo-esque with some colorful visuals. A free beta is available now at themightyquest.com.

Finally we have a release window for the recently acquired South Park game. South Park: The Stick of Truth will be out this holiday season… Hopefully. Probably. Maybe.  “New publisher, same game,” was the tagline they used as they showed a very brief trailer.

Ubisoft then moved on to their next-gen showings.

The Crew is an open-world car racing game designed for co-op and pvp action. At first it looked a little bit like Need for Speed, but it carved out its own identity when it showed off the size of the open-world. The gameplay map looks to be in a heavily scaled down United States. Players can form teams of racers to complete missions. Modifications were key as well as they showed the tweaks required to make a street car better suited for off-road action. This gameplay demonstration was one of the only demonstrations in the entire conference.

Returning to the spotlight was Watch Dogs. A open-world game set in very near-future Chicago. Playing as Aiden Pierce, gamers will use tech and hacking skills to subdue the illegal underbelly of this corrupt city. The only thing Ubisoft showed however was a CGI trailer. Gameplay would have been nice.

Just Dance returns with Just Dance 2014. Featuring Nicky Minaj and Psy, among many others, new features include 6 player dances, an On-stage mode, and a Just Dance DJ mode that simulates the music with your hand motions. It will hit stores in October 2013

The most puzzling part of the conference was the introduction of Rabbids Invasion. It’s an interactive TV show on Nickelodeon. Players will point, clap, and shout at the screen to make stuff happen on the screen. No release data was given.

Ubisoft’s flagship franchise also got the CGI trailer treatment. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It has pirates, and ships, and sharks. Arrr. There was a gameplay trailer also, but no live gameplay.

The Trials series of games will be on the next gen. Trials Fusion will be on the next gen consoles, and will be compatible with Trials Frontier a mobile version of Trials. Out this Fall.

Ubisoft closed out their conference with Tom Clancy’s The Division. It’s a shooter-mmo and it looks interesting. The gameplay was reminiscent of the Ghost Recon games and takes place after a total societal breakdown. It is only on next-gen consoles.

It wasn’t a bad conference, but they needed more gameplay to round out all the trailers. They played it safe and it would have been nice to see some gameplay of Rayman, or Assassin’s Creed IV.

Stay tuned for coverage of the Sony conference later tonight.