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Microsoft Conference: E3 2013

10 Jun 2013

Microsoft’s E3 conference has come to an end. They’ve shown exactly what was needed, games, games and more games. They also announced timing, and pricing in addition to revealing a new Xbox 360 model.

What they haven’t addressed is all that stuff about DRM, which will hopefully be addressed this week via interviews.

Check out all of the info from Microsoft’s conference below!

After beginning with some beautiful new footage for Meta Gear Solid V, Microsoft announced that available starting today is the third revision of the Xbox 360 hardware. Afterwards, they announced that they’ll be competing with Sony’s PlayStation Plus service by making two games available for free for Xbox Live Gold Members each month.

Before moving on to exclusives to Xbox One, they announced that Free-to-play tank game World of Tanks will be coming to the Xbox 360. Though technically not F2P since it requites a Gold account.

Next up was Ryse: Son of Rome, which looked to be a cross between God of War and Saving Private Ryan set in ancient Rome. Much of the combat shown seemed to be based on a QTE system. Whether that’s good or not is something we’ll have to wait and see. It will be available at launch for the Xbox One.

Insomniac Games, known for releasing several PlayStation Exlusives showed off Sunset Overdrive which appears to be a crazy open world title with wacky weapons such as a gun that shoots vinyl.

Forza 5 was revealed on stage, introduced with a real car! A real car you guys! It was starting to look pretty cool until they coined the term “drivatar”.

Minecraft is another title that will be coming to the Xbox One. It looks just like it does on every other platform. So that’s neat, but not really relevant.

Remedy’s Sam Lake came out to talk about their upcoming game Quantum Break. During some gameplay footage we saw the main characters freeze a room in mid explosion, walk inside of it and push around various debris.

Swery65 (Deadly Premonition) is making an episodic murder mystery game titled D4.

Project Spark a world creating game can work with Smartglass to design your world and create a pet rock. It feels like a three dimensional action based Little Big Planet- which could prove to be pretty fun. This game will be available for Xbox One and Windows 8.

Next they showed Upload Studio. An application which will allow you to use footage recorded on the Xbox (Game DVR) and upload it. Additionally, Microsoft has partnered with Twitch to livestream your gameplay- a move which is sure to make PlayStation 4 fans jealous.

Oh and hey, MS Points? Nah. Microsoft is finally moving to real money.

Up next is Dead Rising 3 which takes place in the open world city of Los Perdidos California a few days after the outbreak. We see the main character start to beat a few zombies with a wrench before he gets surrounded by zombies. A lot of zombies. As in previous games, you’re able to customize your weapons, in the demo shown, a flashlight was attached to a handgun. Dead Rising 3 will launch during the holiday season.

Next up was The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt with a brand new trailer.

Afterwards we had some technical difficulties which are always fun. Dice hit the stage showing off gameplay footage of Battlefield 4, another military shooter featuring guns and explosions. Just like its fellow military shooter counterpart, the first map pack for BF4 will launch early on Xbox One.

A video showing a cloaked figure walking through the desert. Almost felt a bit like Bungie’s Destiny. But alas, a huge metal thing burst out of the sand, and the hood flew back to reveal Master Chief.  The game will run at a “blistering” 60 FPS. The next Halo will arrive in 2014.

Xbox One will arrive this November for $499.

The conference ended with Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment- a futuristic FPS with mechs and Troy Baker. Oh and the name? That’s what they say when they deploy a Titan (mech) that falls from the air. Makes so much more sense now! Titanfall arrives Spring 2014.

That’s a wrap! We’ll be posting more throughout E3 week so stay tuned!