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EA Conference: E3 2013

10 Jun 2013


EA came out swinging at their E3 2013 press conference with some established names and some new titles as well. It was a particularly strong showing overall, with a great surprise for fans at the end of the presentation.

Peter Moore came out first to show off titles for the PS4 and Xbox One. Announcing that NBA Live and Dragon Age are returning, leading to rounds of applause.

First up is a Battlefield themed trailer for the Frostbite 3-powered team-shooter in the charming Plants vs. Zombies universe, PvZ: Garden Warfare. The 3rd-person shooter game play was shown off by directors Justin Wiebe and Brian Lindley. It looks like a class-based shooter against waves of enemy zombies. The game oozes ridiculous charm just like its predecessor.

PopCap games also announced that Peggle 2 will be released this year. Plants Vs. Zombies 2 will be out in July.

Titanfall, the first game from Respawn entertainment was shown off next. The Xbox One exclusive game features ground troops and walking battle mechs, called Titans, working together in competitive multiplayer matches. This game was also showed in the Microsoft press conferences.

EA then talked up their new game engines, EA Sports Ignite, and Frostbite 3. These new engines were reportedly in the works for two years of development.  “As good as games are today, they are only going to get better,” said EA VP Andrew Willson in reference to these new engines.

To tease fans and show off a bit of Frostbite 3, EA then showed a short teaser for fan favorite, Star Wars: Battlefront. Hopefully we’ll get this game before it gets cancelled… Again.

It wouldn’t be EA without a new Need for Speed title. Titled, Need for Speed: Rivals, the new game will bring singleplayer and multiplayer together seamlessly. You might start one game in singleplayer, only to end the same race in multiplayer. It’s cops and robbers all day and night! It is supposed to be out in the Fall 2013.

The new NFS was a great way to introduce the new “Need for Speed” movie starring Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. EA showed some exclusive footage. Fast and the Furious this isn’t.

Dragon Age: Inquistion from Bioware was next. Coming in Fall 2014, the next title takes place in the grips of a devastating attack from otherworldly forces. Fires Above, the  first trailer was shown. Revealing the return of Varric from DA2, and Morrigan from DA:O.

An EA Sports retrospective was shown, with a big focus on EA sports ignite, their new engine for all EA sports titles on the PS4 and Xbox One.

NBA Live 14 is returning finally this generation with a huge focus on dribbling physics. Kyrie Irving, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the cover star for NBA Live 14, was on stage to explain the importance of dribbling. The new dribbling tech is called bounceTek. NBA live world was also announced. A unique experience combining real-time stats and social networking to give you updates in real-time.

Cam Webber ,VP, GM of American Football, introduced the new next-gen Madden title, Madden NFL 25. The game is also coming to current gen systems. New AI routines and smarter player movement was the focus in the presentation with a huge improvement to lineman AI.

FIFA is the most popular sports game in the world, and EA knows this. They presented a rather subdued trailer about soccer. New physics. Pre-Alpha gameplay.  Popular rapper Drake came on stage to talk about the FIFA phenomenon.  “My life takes me to places  all over the world,” he said. “Everyone is playing FIFA.”

UFC was up on deck next and EA embraced their new license with gusto. A unique AI system was created specifically for this game called MMAi. Fighters will react realistically to changes in the fight. UFC is slated for Spring 2014.

Battefield 4 is EA’s answer to the Call of Duty machine and they showed it off spectacularly. DICE, developers of the game and the impressive Frostbite tech engine talked about “Levelution” a buzzword for how environments will change via destruction throughout a multiplayer match.They also brought back commander mode, a popular feature from previous games that allows a player to give orders and call in tactical strikes at key locations.  64 players on were on stage, playing a “live” multiplayer match to show the impressive tech. The game is out on October 29th.

EA closed out their show with a surprise reveal of Mirror’s Edge 2. Hopefully it will be out soon.

EA is a huge contender in the gameosphere. They will help the PS4 and Xbox One bring the next gen of games. This was a strong showing, so lets hope they will be a positive force in the success of the next generation.