NDA Lift Details For FFXIV:ARR Beta Phase 3

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After some confusion regarding the lift, or “partial lift” of the NDA for phase 3 of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s beta, Square Enix has clarified what exactly players will be able to talk about.


Sorry for the delay in clarifying this, and with today’s announcement seeming to cause more confusion.

Here is how non-disclosure agreement will work in Beta Test phase 3:

  • Information will be free to post. Everything is open and you can post freely about any aspect of the beta test and your thoughts on it.

In regards to images and video in Beta Test phase 3:

  • You can post images of phase 3 (no images from Alpha, phase 1 or phase 2)
  • You cannot post audio or video.

We will be making a more detailed announcement before the start of Beta phase 3, but I wanted to share this general overview now.

2 thoughts on “NDA Lift Details For FFXIV:ARR Beta Phase 3

  1. Ugh! Have an NDA or don’t SE. Quit making the simplest things confusing!

  2. does the audio / video restriction get lifted once the game is officially launched?

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