Coming Soon: Gamer Escape’s E3 Interview of Yoshida-san

Gamer Escape

E3 is happening in a matter of days – and we will be there to bring you all the little details! We’ll be checking out the latest build of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (in addition to other games of course).

We’ll be speaking with Naoki Yoshida, the Director/Producer of FFXIV:ARR at this year’s show (you can read our prior interviews here, here, here, here, here and here) to see what’s new with the upcoming relaunch of Square Enix’s latest MMO.  We aren’t going to put on our “journalism cap” and ask all those boring generic questions about F2P vs Subscription models like every other outlet would, we’re going to ask the questions that we, the players want to know!

We’re in our preperation stages for E3 and we’re starting to compile some questions and we’d like to hear your thoughts. What do you want to ask Yoshi-P?

Drop a comment below and we’ll do our best to incorporate your thirst for knowledge into our quest for answers!


82 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Gamer Escape’s E3 Interview of Yoshida-san

  1. I’d like to know more about the new fishing system. How does it work ?

      1. I’d like to get some actual info about Fisher too.

        Like why won’t it be available for testing in Phase 3?

        And after selecting a fishing rod and bait, will we just stand there waiting or will we actually have some interaction to “fight” the fish?

        1. I’d also like some info on fishing. Why was it delayed, and what kind of mechanics can we expect?

        2. It is possible that it was delayed because they saw the threads on the SE forums about how disappointed people were going to be if fishing was automatic and decided to redesign it.

        3. Probably not many people that will agree with me, but I’ve been wanting to see a fishing system very similar to Dark Cloud 2.

    1. yes! quick being so SLIPPERY SE! just one BITE is all we ask!

  2. I’d like to know your home addresses so that I can come round in the dead of night and steal the Meteor Survivor polo shirts you’ll no doubt acquire. If that’s not possible, please acquire extras in order that you may run a competition that I’ll be assured of winning, so I, too, can survive.

    1. Already working on getting extras for a post-E3 giveaway of some sort. Fingers crossed.

  3. I’m leaning towards the fishing system too. To me it sounds like it’s meant to be for afk’ing, and that doesn’t really make it a class that anyone would want to specialize in. I know a ton of people on the Lodestone who would kill for a little more info on the fishing system, that covers more than the phrases “you’ll have to try it” and “please look forward to this”, cause how can we, when we’ve got no info on it :s

  4. “Do you expect entire EN linkshells that have been designated to a JP Legacy server to move to a NA/EU Legacy server?”

  5. “What will be the new size of linkshells? Will it be greater than 128?”

  6. “During character transfer between Legacy servers what will happen when say only 50% of a linkshell transfers then the server becomes full?”

    1. This is a very good question, a buddy of mine and I are transferring to Balmung to play with friends from 11, worried that it will be full at time of transfer requests.

  7. “When using a 1.0 character in Phase 4, will all data be saved to launch or can you choose to use 1st November 2012 data save on launch day?”

      1. In that case should 1.0 players consider P4 Day 1 as launch day? In Beta, if i am testing housing using my gil or new materia system using my resources from 1.0 then im at risk of loosing before the complete game has launched.

        1. Yes and no. Not all content will be available in P4(level cap, for example, endgame content, new job(s), etc.)

          I’m going to use the P4 time to (well, test everything I can, and) go through all the quests to unlock the abilities and such that I already have the levels for. That way, I’ll be ready for the new stuff. ^^

          Also picking servers, finding my LS members and friends. ^^

        2. I have no idea who is down-voting your responses btw. Its not me. ><

  8. Will Duty Finder pull players from all servers? or only ones from servers in the same “region” as your server?

    1. It’s looking like Duty Finder will only be able to reach players in the same data center, of which we will have two to start.

      You should be able to start a party (from your FC, say) and fill in the gaps with Duty Finder though.

      1. I’ve been searching official posts looking for that information and hadn’t found it. Can you link me where you found it at please? I knew I’d seen your second statement about filling in the gaps with Duty Finder, but had not seen where they for sure confirmed the limitations of what servers would be pulled from. Thanks!

  9. Have u Added a new hairstyle which is long for Female Miqo’te And if possible can u show us some footage of the Female miqo’ te new hairstyles.

  10. In the second live letter (Nov 11), you stated “I’ve actually received a couple of ideas for card games from developers, but I’m really looking for the perfect one, so I declined them all. I said that if they brought something really good, I’d consider it for the game.”

    Have you received something really good, or is this facet of the game still waiting for the right idea to be presented to you?

  11. With two data centers planned to host the game, will updates be pushed out simultaneously on all servers, or will you do them at slightly different times & aim for low traffic times for each center?

  12. Can you give us some clarification on how summoning carbuncle will or won’t work on summoner. I feel this was partially talked on and mistranslations have fueled a lot of thought that summoner won’t be able to but I read an official translation that left it up in the air.

  13. Will duty finder group together different regions, will jp/eng/fr/ger players all be grouped together?

  14. What’s the timeframe for new classes and jobs? Specifically are you considering releasing any through major patches before the first expansion, such as Musketeer? Limsa Lominsa needs another battle class!

    1. Yoshida had told us back in February that he would introduce classes/jobs via patches because of players already having all the classes/jobs at 50.

      1. Ah…I’m sorry! I forgot about that. I guess since he answered (or rather didn’t answer) a question about Musketeer in the most recent Live Letter, he may not have any new information that can be shared. Though I guess the question could still work.

        We know major patches will be coming every two months or so, which puts 2.1 around the start of October and 2.2 around December. Will we have any new classes by Christmas?

  15. With the possibility of the level cap being raised beyond
    50, will the currently known endgame content be adjusted to maintain a decent
    challenge? I ask mostly because of FFXI’s
    level cap change really tore up some of the level 75 content. The Crystal Tower and Bahamut’s Labyrinth were
    commented to be very challenging. I wouldn’t like for that content to be
    rendered “easy” and pointless a few months later… The same can be said about
    the Primal Fights. I would suggest level caps, but XI is throwing those out the
    window, so it’s likely that XIV will follow suit.

    1. It was stated in either the 3rd or 4th Live Letter that Yoshi-P had no plans to raise the level cap in the foreseeable future.

      1. Gamer Escape Talks To Naoki Yoshida On The
        FFXIV Media Tour
        21, 2013

        GE- With ARR we’ll see Arcanist added with Summoner shortly after the game launches. Are there any other classes or jobs you’d like to see added? And will these be added in patches or expansions?

        Yoshida- What I would like to see right?
        First of all, we are planning a new race for an expansion pack. For the classes and jobs, we will introduce them through patches because all of the Legacy players
        have level 50 jobs anyway. When we introduce new classes and jobs we will probably increase the level cap at the same time.


        The “Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IV”
        Video Q and A Summary Released!

        19, 2012


        Dig deeper… I’M NOT CRAZY!!! O.o

  16. My question related to the Twelve deities of Eorzea. If Althyk is the father of Azeyma and Menphina, who is the mother? If Rhalgr is the father of Halone and Byregot, who is the mother? Thank you in advance!!!

    1. You know what, I want to know this too. I know it sounds obscure as hell but they really should provide more complete information about this.

    2. I am surprised others have not noticed this already.

    3. I honestly think that a lot of the details of the Twelve are being held back for further expansion of the game. That said, if at all possible I really would like to learn more about this.

      1. I worry that it is something that was randomly overlooked. A random lore derp that will be forgotten if not directly asked. Of course, if Yoshi-P simply says “more on that will be reveal later” or something to that effect I would be satisfied. Still, answers are better than none.

    4. They’re gods, it’s not uncommon for children to spawn from female or male gods without another parent.

  17. Will summoners be able at some point to summon Bahamut? Or is he strictly going to be a boss?

  18. Is Arcanist going to be the class for both summoner and scholar ? If so, why is Arcanist the only class with two jobs ? Will other classes have more than one job in the future ?

    1. it’s been confirmed that classes will branch into 2 jobs. Yes, Arcanist branches to summoner and Scholar. In the last live letter in E3 (English) He Confirmed that.

  19. When’s the PS3 beta crap keys thing coming out? |:

  20. I’d like more info on fishing. Why it was delayed, what kind of mechanics we can expect, etc.. Any information will do.

  21. With the server names and locations now finalized for A Realm Reborn, I’m curious as to kinds of countermeasures are being implemented for problems that may be occurred during the transfer process. With the last attempt at this during server merges in 1.0 certain selections filled up almost instantaneously and many people were unable to head to their ideal choice.

    With so many communities migrating as a group based on their region or language rather than the select few looking for greener pastures, I fear that the process will be somewhat troublesome like last time, effectively dividing linkshells that were present in 1.0 by who managed to get in first.

  22. Will Duty Finder Connect all the servers, Regionally, or independently when searching for a party?

  23. Can you give us more details about End-FATE fights (e.g. Odin)? Will everyone in the vicinity be able to engage the boss at the same time?

    If so, please consider imposing a limit to how many people can fight the boss at the same time, or an FC-based claim system. If you played other MMOs, you’ll know that 1000000x people /facerolling a boss isn’t fun.

  24. We’ve seen over the past few months a number of additional monsters from newer titles such as FFXI and FFXII. But what do you think of adding in some monsters of likeness to older monsters such as Zemzelett, Stilva and Ironite?

  25. Question regards OB/Phase 4 character transfer – either new or 1.0 version. While the relaunch should retain all items/gil that the 1.0 character had when the original servers went down, will these same characters retain Additional gil/items they acquire during the open beta when the game launches, or will it be reset to whatever we had when the 1.0 servers dropped?

  26. Can you reveal exactly how much the housing system will cost per housing size or give a more distinct answer? (As in, be more specific and not vague-like, i.e. 4-5 friends pooling their gil together, because there is no definite idea of how much each friend would have in the first place.)

  27. What plans are in the works for one or more designated roleplay servers?

  28. Question:

    Can Gamepad players (on PC) change between using the standard action bar (straight line) and the crossbar (two controllers) to use abilities and control their characters? There are benefits to using one or the other.

    1. You can select the input method you wish to use on the PC. So you can use the PC UI or the Gamepad UI.

  29. Will the adventuring fellow be added again later similar to the chocobo buddy system?

  30. Is there a chance for more battle companion monsters like the Chocobo? Tonberry perhaps?

  31. Will you be able to save and upload your settings on one platform and then download them on another like in FFXI? Like say I play on PC and I have all my actions/spells set and I make macros as well, will I be able to upload them and then download them when I play on PS3 or another PC?

  32. Will we get a preview of housing costs for all sizes and will S sizes take a long time to save up for also?

  33. Will we ever see a continuation of the original city missions like finding out the fates of Fye and Dunstan?

  34. Will we be able to upgrade the size of our house? Also, will it be at a discounted price since realistically speaking one would sell a house when moving to a new one.

  35. How many gear sets can you have at once? is there even a limit?

    1. There are 25 items per slot available on the Armory Chest. So I’d imagine 25

      1. Unless I’m not understanding how the Armory Chest works, I don’t think it’s 25 gear sets. From what I understand you can have 25 of each equipment type on the Armory Chest then you can create gear sets using anything that is inside your Armory Chest. Since you can have the same piece of equipment on two different gear sets the limit of gear sets could be less than 25 or more than 25.

        1. I believe its 25 pieces of each equipment which can be macroed to 25 gear sets atm.

  36. Can we have the glorious Dhalmel monster from XI come to Eorzea for new adventures?
    I’ve been asking this question for every live letter and have yet to get any answer :p

  37. If possible, I would like to know if the Allags were inspired by the Zilart. I know that’s deep so my more likely question is…when will we see more about scholar and what class is comes off of, and will it make it in time for release or is this a patch job.

  38. im jpn.
    japan has few core MMO gamer.
    I am looking forward to this interview.


  39. How will FATE be scaled up according to the number of participants? Simply increasing the number of enemies just encourage AoE spamming and mobs dying before most players can get a hit in.

  40. I would like to know if SMN and SCH Relic Weapons will be in the game at launch?

  41. Will SMN and SCH relic weapons be in game at launch?

  42. Will having the servers being identified with JP. NA. and EU next to them take away from the international mmo experience of FFXIV? Do you think that more Japanese players will stick strictly to JP servers and North Americans and Europeans to NA/EU servers?

    1. Even if it says EU/NA or JP I’m pretty sure people will go for the connection status. as of Beta phase 3, all servers came with the same conection status of Excellent so people will most likely choose server by name not by region. I’ve already met people from germany, japan, Australia and South America in a labeled EU server.

  43. will it be possible to use the same house for all of your characters in your account ?
    like there one big family that share a house that way you can make one house nicely decorated instead of 2-3 houses
    maybe even put a shared chest for easy sharing of resources between your own characters

  44. How confident are they that they will have enough room on the legacy servers for existing players, returning players, and most importantly, brand new players who are friends of existing players? If existing players bring in a lot of new blood (which is good for the health of the game) will there be enough room for all those new players to actually be able to play on the Legacy servers with us?

  45. Will warriors be designated as a tank only class, or will they be a hybrid of dd and tanking?

  46. In a recent video from Curse. They mentioned Chocobo battles in an Arena. I am guessing Pokemon style. Is this something they know that we don’t? Will this be possible?

    1. Keep in mind, Curse just shut down their only FFXIV site- they don’t care about this game. If it’s the video that I remember seeing, the people that wrote it were very uninformed. TLDR: Don’t trust curse for anything XIV related.

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