Regional Data Centers and World Transfers

To ensure that players in all regions have a more enjoyable experience in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm reborn, additional data centers have been established in regions outside of Japan. In light of this, the existing Worlds will be redistributed across regional data centers.

Version 1.0 characters will be automatically transferred to Worlds bearing the same names as before. We recommend submitting a World transfer application to prevent characters from being placed in undesired regions.

Please read over the details of regional data center placement before applying.

To ensure players in all regions have an enjoyable experience in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, Worlds have been redistributed across newly established regional data centers as outlined below.

Characters from Version 1.0 will be automatically transferred to new Worlds bearing the same names as before.

Version 1.0 FFXIV: ARR
World Name Location World Name Location
Ridill Japan Ridill Japan
Masamune Japan Masamune Japan
Durandal Japan Durandal Japan
Aegis Japan Aegis Japan
Gungnir Japan Gungnir Japan
Sargatanas Japan Sargatanas North America/Europe
Balmung Japan Balmung North America/Europe
Hyperion Japan Hyperion North America/Europe
Excalibur Japan Excalibur North America/Europe
Ragnarok Japan Ragnarok North America/Europe


* Ragnarok is recommended for players in the European time zones. Please note this is a recommendation only; players from other regions are free to play on Ragnarok.

World Transfers
To guarantee characters are placed in the appropriate region, we recommend submitting a World transfer application.

As the NDA will be lifted as of phase 3 of the beta test, you may freely consult with your friends in or outside the game before submitting your application.

* Players are free to transfer their characters to any region they desire.

Applicants must have characters on their FINAL FANTASY XIV service accounts.


Application Period
Applications will be accepted starting mid-June. An announcement will be made at a later time when the date has been finalized.


World Transfer Date
At the start of beta phase 4.


World Transfer Application Process
During the World transfer application period indicated above, players will be able to select a destination World on the World Transfer Application Page.

* The World Transfer Application Page will go live at a later date.


Notes Regarding the World Transfer
All character data will be transferred, with the following exceptions:

Character Names
After the transfer, if two or more characters with the same first and last name exist in the same World, only one character can keep the name, based on the order of priority below.

1. Characters that qualify for Legacy status.

2. Characters whose subscriptions ended after September 30, 2012.

3. Characters that were created first.

In the event that your character must be renamed, please enter a new name by following the on-screen instructions when you first log in following the World transfer.

* Players may voluntarily rename their characters even if their name takes precedence.


Retainer Names
The names and appearances of retainers as well as any items in their possession have been carried over from Version 1.0. However, players who transfer Worlds will be required to rename their retainer.

Please review the details of the character data transfer.

* All items held by retainers will be carried over.


In the event a linkshell master moves to a different World, a new master will be selected automatically from the remaining members.


Friend lists/Blacklists
Although friend lists and blacklists will be carried over from Version 1.0, players no longer in the same World will not be displayed. Also, please note that players who were on your friend list will appear as pending friend requests, which you must accept.


The Lodestone
A new version of The Lodestone has been created. Both versions will be available concurrently for a brief period of time. The current version will then be archived and made viewable through the new Lodestone. Data including blogs and character history will no longer be updated.