Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Blu-ray OST Coming To Japan


The ‘Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack’ has been announced for release in Japan on August 14th for around $50.

The disc will include the full soundtrack from version 1, including all of its patches. In addition, the disc will contain The End of an Era trailer in 5.1 surround.

Those that purchase the soundtrack will also receive a code to unlock an in-game Dalamud minion. Currently no word on if that code can be used in other regions or if this disc will make its way to NA or EU.

(source, thanks Zan!)

Update: the website for Before Meteor has launched. On it, you can see a picture of the Dalamud Minion that will be available via  code.  We’ve also heard that the disc will contain 104 tracks, clocking in at over 6 hours of music. There will be mp3 versions available on the disc so that people can put the tracks on a mobile device.

Update 2: Soken has confirmed that the code for the Dalamud Minion will be usable regardless of your region.

Additionally, DualShockers has confirmed that the OST will be available in Europe.

6 thoughts on “Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Blu-ray OST Coming To Japan

  1. They better allow the code to be used in EU. I want the Dalamud minion.

  2. Please come to NA! It’s always frustrated me how the other regions get stiffed on extras, especially soundtracks!

  3. Could it be the blu ray with the Dalamud/Legacy cover in JP CE?

  4. You already broke everything that made 1.23 great and made 2.0 WAYYYYYY too easy… come on 10min dungeons… Don’t bend us legacy members over even further by not sending this to NA EU etc..

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