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FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server Updated!

31 May 2013

A new update has hit the test server!

Players can now test out Monstrosity, the “play as a monster” system in addition to checking out changes made to elemental magic, one-handed and ranged weapons as well as the changes made to Geomancer animations!

You can see all of the changes after the jump!

[dev1141] Monstrosity

[dev1142] Adjustments to Minimum Enmity Amounts
[dev1143] One-handed and Ranged Weapon Adjustments
[dev1144] Elemental Magic Adjustments
[dev1145] Steal/Despoil Job Ability Adjustments

[dev1146] Visual Effects for Closing and Opening Windows
[dev1147] Various Effect Area Recognition Adjustments
[dev1148] Geomancy Special Effects Adjustments