Read Carefully When Pre-Ordering FFXIV:ARR Collector’s Edition For PC


Those looking to purchase the PC Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn may want to read up on the way the registration codes will work for the game before making their purchase.

Community Rep Hvinire responded to several questions about pre-ordering the game, one of which asked about purchasing the CE and applying the code for the CE in-game items to an existing account. His response was:

You will receive the pre-order items, but the registration code for the Windows collector’s edition cannot be used with a pre-existing Windows service account. To receive the in game items for the collector’s edition, please use the digital upgrade.

However, the PS3 version can be registered to an existing Windows account, which would allow you to receive the collector’s edition items.

If you purchased the regular edition of Final Fantasy XIV when it first launched and are interested in getting the PC Collector’s Edition for A Realm Reborn, you won’t be able to get the in-game items that come with it. The code that comes with the PC Collector’s Edition can only be used with a new Windows service account, not existing ones. But there’s hope! You can purchase the digital upgrade for the Collector’s Edition which will net you the in-game items on your existing Windows account. What’s that you say? You want all the cool physical items in the CE? Not a problem! Square Enix says you can purchase the PlayStation 3 Collector’s Edition to get the physical goods, and a code that will allow your existing PC account to get the in-game items! What they fail to mention is the PS3 Collector’s Edition costs $10.00 more than the one for PC and doesn’t take into account the fact that you might not have a PS3.

How will you be purchasing the Collector’s Edition for A Realm Reborn to ensure you get all the bonuses? Sound off in the comments below!


20 thoughts on “Read Carefully When Pre-Ordering FFXIV:ARR Collector’s Edition For PC

  1. So, if I already own the 1.0 CE and also purchased the ARR CE (primarily for the physical goods), I don’t even need to register the ARR CE code since my 1.0 account will automatically receive the ARR digital items. So…I should be all set to receive all of the digital items from both CE sets. Right? …Right?

    Even if so, that still *really* sucks for people who own the standard edition of 1.0 and want the ARR CE, especially since they weren’t clear about this until after many people had already placed their orders.

    1. yes and no if you want the Moogle cap and the doll you’ll need to add the “pre-order code” but there is a catch check this out “FFXIV:ARR includes 30 free days of playtime with purchase for new accounts. However, even though players who own FFXIV Version 1.0 will receive FFXIV:ARR for free, this does not include the 30 free days of play.”

      1. So should I get the Se or the ce digital for ps3 to get a month free

  2. i am the same as cloudymusic. already have the original FF14 CE and will be getting the digital items bc of that. i ordered the FF14ARR CE just for the physical items and too have the physical copy of the game simply bc i dont like not having a hard copy in case there is a problem with the digital download of the game. it does suck a little that i wont get the 30 days of free play, according to InWaves257, but its not a huge thing to me. the funny thing is that my bro got the PS3 CE with the intent of just having the physical items and physical game copy and has the FF14 CE as well but he’ll get the 30days free. lol

  3. Bought CE for Windows PC already. Didn’t have existing account. Super excited. Worth it. Played BETA and worth it. Worth it even before the upcoming further polishing. Worth it.

    1. um… you might want to edit or delete this posting. broke the NDA by saying you “played BETA…” not sure when the NDA will be partially lifted and not sure what SE meant by partially lifted just yet but as far as i know, saying you played BETA is still breaking the NDA.

      1. Yes, right you’d be. Open NDA states Section 2.6: Can’t disclose “RECIPIENT’S FEEDBACK, OPINIONS, SUGGESTIONS, AND COMMENTS (POSITIVE AND/OR NEGATIVE) REGARDING THE PRODUCT AND THE SOFTWARE” and 2.6 d) beta tester’s identity (albeit those testers have some weird ways of getting around that on anonymous forums). General emotional feedback for the game is positive from what I see on the medias. Now, edit yours too!.

  4. Um yeah I want the v1 standard digital CE upgrade but apparently that cannot be preordered I guess, hope its like 20$?

  5. I already had the standard 1.0 downloaded version. I just pre-ordered the standard 2.0 PC version to have the pre-order items and a physical copy of the game. When the digital upgrade becomes available, I’ll snag that too for the extra in-game items. Didn’t see the need to spend an extra $40 for the CE physical items. If they had been smart and offered a CE physical upgrade package for PC, I would have just bought that. I don’t have a PS3 and don’t want to make a Sony account just for the extra items.

  6. Can I transfer the digital extras from the Ps3 CE version to my pc version?

  7. I have 1.0 through gamestop’s App and have pre purchased 2.0 CE also through the app. It seems to be the same product. My question is can I start a new account and get my items? I never really played 1.0 much and don’t care if I lose that account

  8. This is false. On the official website (, you can read this “Customers in possession of the Collector’s Edition for either version 1.0 or A Realm Reborn will receive these Collector’s Edition items without needing to purchase the upgrade.”

  9. Here’s a write-up I did for my to-be LS members:

    It is a little confusing and I think the article made it even more confusing than it already was. If you go to the forum that was linked it helps a little bit with the questions.

    It only gets weird for 1.0 people (who want to keep their existing account). You get the game for free, but you don’t get the pre-order bonuses which include early access (unless you’re Legacy status).

    What this means is that to get early access, you’ll need to buy another copy of the game, which will give you the early access code. However the in game pre-order bonuses are tied to the registration code, which you can only use to create a new account, so you won’t have access to the Mog Cap and Cait Sith doll in-game items. The work around is to buy the PS3 version instead, which you can register to the same service account.

    If you purchased the 1.0 CE then you automatically also get the ARR CE in-game items. Same issue with the pre-order items above also applies.

    The other weird scenario is if you got regular 1.0 but want ARR CE. If you pre-order the CE you won’t be able to register on the same service account because it’s already registered, so you’ll have to start over or buy the PS3 version if you want both pre-order bonuses and the in-game collector’s items.

    If you don’t care about the pre-order bonuses and only want the CE in-game items, you can order the digital upgrade from regular to CE for $20, which opens up after the game launches. This does not give you the physical items however.

    The only way for a 1.0 person to get both the in game CE items, and the pre-order bonus items on the same account is the pre-order the PS3 version.

    It’s an odd scenario.

    1. I have the CE of 1.0. If I were to preorder the PS3 standard edition for the in-game items, would that replace the items from the PC CE, or would I get both?

  10. I’ve already spoken with SE about this. They stated that Final Fantasy XIV: CE owners will get grandfathered in to include the digital downloads and all bonuses that come WITH purchasing the Collector’s Edition of FFXIV: ARR CE, INCLUDING Early Access (which was my main concern). You just don’t get the cool wing-dings with purchasing the physical.

  11. At this time (August 28th) I cannot purchase the FFXIV Collector’s Edition digital download UPGRADE (or any other FFXIV digital download because the servers are so overloaded that Square-Enix has temporarily blocked all digital downloads from all the stores. Here’s the text of their message that I’m seeing: “Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to
    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, we are currently experiencing
    extremely long wait times for users to be able to log in and play. As a
    temporary measure, we will halt sales of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM
    REBORN’s digital download products so we can accommodate all of those
    wishing to play. We are working to expand our server capacity in the
    coming days.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this causes. ”
    Furthermore, although the SE site lists the FFXIV:ARR Collector’s Edition digital download upgrade for $19.99 in the Pricing page, the Purchase page does not list it at all among the available products. This gamer hopes that when they resume allowing digital downloads for the PC, that they will add the Collector’s Edition Upgrade to their products available for purchase page.
    One last note to people waiting for the Coeurl mount – you will not be able to learn how to use mounts until your character reaches level 20.

  12. I upgraded from the SE to the CE from the mog station for $20. When do get the CE bonus items. Do i need to wait for a email with a code to enter so I can get the bonus items?. I thought I would get a email after purchase with a code but it was just confirmation on the purchase.

  13. I bought the CE upgrade but Idk where my items are, I didn’t get any redeem code either just an email saying my purchase went through so how do I get the itmes onto my character?

  14. Um, I’m not new to MMOs, free to play or pay to play, and i have played all of the ff series, up to 11. I really wanted to play this game game, but it sounds rediculous. If I buy a game that claims I get bonuses I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THESE STUPID STEPS. Square enix needs to get a clue!!!! Games are for entertainment, not frustration. It took me 20 minutes just to make the purchase and now i find out that I can not even get my bonus items. I’m done with SE.

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