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Read Carefully When Pre-Ordering FFXIV:ARR Collector's Edition For PC

29 May 2013


Those looking to purchase the PC Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn may want to read up on the way the registration codes will work for the game before making their purchase.

Community Rep Hvinire responded to several questions about pre-ordering the game, one of which asked about purchasing the CE and applying the code for the CE in-game items to an existing account. His response was:

You will receive the pre-order items, but the registration code for the Windows collector’s edition cannot be used with a pre-existing Windows service account. To receive the in game items for the collector’s edition, please use the digital upgrade.

However, the PS3 version can be registered to an existing Windows account, which would allow you to receive the collector’s edition items.

If you purchased the regular edition of Final Fantasy XIV when it first launched and are interested in getting the PC Collector’s Edition for A Realm Reborn, you won’t be able to get the in-game items that come with it. The code that comes with the PC Collector’s Edition can only be used with a new Windows service account, not existing ones. But there’s hope! You can purchase the digital upgrade for the Collector’s Edition which will net you the in-game items on your existing Windows account. What’s that you say? You want all the cool physical items in the CE? Not a problem! Square Enix says you can purchase the PlayStation 3 Collector’s Edition to get the physical goods, and a code that will allow your existing PC account to get the in-game items! What they fail to mention is the PS3 Collector’s Edition costs $10.00 more than the one for PC and doesn’t take into account the fact that you might not have a PS3.

How will you be purchasing the Collector’s Edition for A Realm Reborn to ensure you get all the bonuses? Sound off in the comments below!