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Aetheryte Bingo- Letter From The Producer LIVE VII

29 May 2013

Tomorrow morning, the 7th Letter from the Producer LIVE will take place.

Not being native Japanese speakers, we thought to ourselves “there must be some way to make this more fun to watch… right?” So we came up with this: Aetheryte Bingo!

Tomorrow during the Letter from the Producer LIVE, you can join the Aetheryte Radio crew as they watch and comment on the live letter and play bingo! The best part? We want you to play along! We’ve made 5 bingo cards for you to use. Pick one and then join us on our Twitch channel tomorrow morning!

Additionally, we’ll be recording an episode of Aetheryte Radio immediately following the live letter! Come play bingo with us, and stick around for a live podcast episode!

arbingocard1 arbingocard2 arbingocard3
arbingocard4 arbingocard5

*This is just for fun, no prizes will be awarded.