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Square Enix Takes The XIII Out Of Agito In Latest Trademark

26 May 2013


In an interesting move that will only run to super crazy speculation by fans, Square Enix has trademarked “Final Fantasy Agito”. Some of you out there may remember that thing way back in the day known as Fabula Nova Crystallis. The idea was to have a variety of games for Final Fantasy, namely the ‘XIII’ ones, all be based on and expand upon a common mythos. This group of games included Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Initially, Agito was a mobile title. However, it developed into a PSP game which ended up being renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0. Fans have been asking for a localization of this title since its release in Japan in October of 2011.

It would seem that Square Enix has realized that while FFXIII does have some fans, that it also has its share of non-fans as well. So much that they feel that releasing a game with ‘XIII’ attached to it may do more harm than good. Removing ‘XIII’ from the Agito trademark could possibly bring in more sales. Though the big question is, why use Agito when they’ve already started it up as Type-0? The same thing has supposedly happened to Final Fantasy Versus XIII which is now rumored to be Final Fantasy XV.

Could this trademark mean that there might be some movement on the type-o front for fans that have been asking Square Enix for a localization? Hopefully we’ll find out at this year’s E3 in a few short weeks.