FFXIV:ARR Beta Phase 3- NDA Not Fully Lifted

FFXIV:ARR Beta Phase 3- NDA Not Fully Lifted

The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta roadmap has recently undergone an update.

Previously, the community was gearing up for what would be the opening of the gates with the NDA being lifted when phase 3 of the beta started next month. However, the document has since been adjusted and it is now only a partial NDA lift, meaning that players won’t be able to freely discuss anything and everything about the game during this stage of the beta as was previously assumed. There is also a second mention of the NDA being partially lifted at the start of phase 4.

We’ve contacted Square Enix to see what exactly is lifted from the NDA at the start of phase 3 and will update this when we hear more.

  • Sevokevo

    I don’t see why not fully lifting the NDA AT phase 4 since phase 4 is open Beta.

    • Yeah it’s a little confusing, but I’m sure they’ll explain why or what they mean in the live letter next week or during e3

  • A lot of people counting on being able to stream at Phase 3. Would be good to know if SE is a aware.