What FFXIV Word Do You Want To Know How To Say?

What FFXIV Word Do You Want To Know How To Say?

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy has had some odd looking words within its titles over the past 26 years. Apostrophes around the world take one glance at words that exist within Eorzea and go “… wait what?”.

However have no fear, Aetheryte Radio is here to help! We’ll soon be sitting down with Michael Christopher Koji Fox (Fernehalwes) from Final Fantasy XIV’s Localization Team sometime in the near future to discuss some of the more harder to discuss things in the game- pronunciations!

He’s got a super top secret list he’s going to share with us that contains the correct pronunciation of various terms found within Final Fantasy XIV. But what’s that you say?  You want to know how to properly pronounce Shposhae? Or some other word?… like Fernehalwes?

Drop a comment below and let us know the one word that you’ve been struggling to pronounce correctly and we’ll make him say it right into the mic for all to hear! No more of this “I think it’s pronounced soapshay?” talk! We’ll get you the correct pronunciation from the man himself!

17 thoughts on “What FFXIV Word Do You Want To Know How To Say?

  1. The one that my linkshell and I have endlessly struggled with is Louisoix. I usually just call him Louie C.K. but others call him Luigi for some reason.

      1. I always pronounced it Loo-sew. All those vowels and x’s made it look french…

      1. Ah yes, but on which syllable should the English speaker place emphasis?

        1. You haven’t answered my question.
          Of course, I doubt anyone can, so that’s why I’m asking it here. ;)

        2. I seem to naturally place the emphasis on the “Or” at least it seems that way as it sticks out the most when I say Eorzea.

  2. Goobbue (Is it pronounced goob or goob-boo or goobbew?)
    All the horned people in gridania

    Kan-e-senna (is it kan-eh-senna? or kanisenna? are we suppose to prolong or pause on the -‘s?)
    Raya-o-senna (whom I’ve been calling “Rayovac senna”)
    O-App-Pesi (whom I’ve been calling “O-Apple-Pepsi”)

    1. Goobbue is “Goo-boo”. Y’shtola says it in the Limsa cutscenes.

  3. Ok, here is my list:
    Milvaneth, Arrzanaeth, Amajina, Coerthas, Shposhae, Dzemael, Haukke, Zahar’ak, Amalj’aa, O’ghomoro/U’ghamaro, Xandes, Miounne, Sphairai, Gyr Abania, Xelphatol, Cieldalaes, Coeurl.
    That’ll do for now.

  4. I’d like to add Carteneau to the list (I usually say Car TEH no, based on my limited knowledge of french)

  5. Gil – gill or jill? It’s jill. Has to be. Just like people think Gif is pronounced giff, instead of jiff. The latter is true, I can prove it.

  6. How about the names of all of the Twelve? Also some primals. Is it If-writ, or Eff-reet? And should it be Bah-haa-met or Bah-haa moot (as they said in FFXII)?

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