Announcing the “XI Years of FINAL FANTASY XI” Event

Celebrating 11 years of FINAL FANTASY XI means that we have an immense history filled with both players’ individual memories as well as thousands of tales to tell about the various stories, elements, and other events that were implemented into the game over the years.

With that said, the Community Team is proud to introduce an event where players are encouraged to re-visit historic moments and relive those memories all over again. We’ve come up with 11 different objectives that will be posted on the forum over an 11 day time span, each one corresponding to a year in service. As an adventurer, it’s your job to take a screenshot of your character fulfilling the objective and post it in the thread for the respective day. The first three adventurers to post a screenshot of a successfully completed objective each day will be awarded a prize.

Walk the path of a momentous eleven years of Vana’diel history with the Community Team as we remember the past and look forward to the future!

Click here for full event details!

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