A Realm Reborn- Collector’s Edition Digital Items Leaked


In about an hour and a half from now, Square Enix’s FFXIV Twitter accounts have been saying we’ll receive some news.

However, some quick people last night already saw some of the details regarding the announcement, which has since been taken offline. Luckily, someone used the ol’ print screen key and while we don’t have the release date, we do have the details of what digital items players will receive in the Collector’s Edition! (which appears will have early access to the game prior to launch, just like the 1.0 Collector’s Edition!)

“Players who own the FFXIV version 1.0 Collector’s Editiion will receive FFXIV:ARR Collector’s Edition in-game bonus items (Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Behemoth Barding, and Coeurl Mount) for free. The in-game bonus items will be delivered via Moogle Letter with FFXIV: ARR launches.”

Additionally, there will be a Collector’s Edition digital upgrade service, allowing those with the regular edition of the game to upgrade and receive the above bonus items.

Amazon also has an image up of the new boxart for A Realm Reborn which can be seen here.