Upcoming Changes To Adoulin’s Reive Content

Today, Final Fantasy XI Producer Akihiko Matsui has taken to the official forums to inform players of the changes they can expect to the reive system in the future.

Changes include adjustments to the way evaluations are handled, adjustments and addition of new momentum bonuses and a more substantial reduction in the cost of they key items needed to take on wildskeeper reives.

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Matsui here.

At the end of April I made the following post:

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With the release of the end of April version update, we’ve implemented Delve and have completed the battle content that was planned for the launch of Seekers of Adoulin.I feel that the flow of content that we planned where players would take on higher tiers of content (content level) by progressing in stages is not going as smoothly as we’d like.

Specifically, I would like to adjust the fact that it’s difficult to do colonization reives and lair reives in small numbers, as well as the fact that it is difficult to start Skirmish.

For the time being, Delve (the boss battle) has been set as the highest content level.

With this current state, I feel priorities should be placed on implementing and adjusting content for low-man or soloing more than adding further higher tier content, and I would like to work hard while heading in this direction so that a larger amount of players can enjoy the game.

In order to smooth out the flow of content that we planned where players would take on higher tiers of content (content level) by progressing in stages, we’ve made adjustments already so that Skirmish statue pieces can be obtained via Colonization Reives and Lair Reives.

In regards to Reives, we’ve received various feedback and I would like to inform you all today of how we plan on adjusting the system since nothing was mentioned as of yet.

Reive Adjustment Plan

  • Making it easier to enjoy
  • Create an easy to understand difficulty level

We will be making adjustments based on the above two points.
Below is an outline of the adjustments.

Reive Adjustment Outline (Next version update portions)

  • Evaluation method changes 1
    Physical damage, magic damage, healing, and other separate evaluation aspects will all be grouped into one consolidated evaluation category. This will make it easier to get evaluated.
  • Evaluation method changes 2
    We will be making changes so that evaluations can be accumulated and experience points and Bayld can be earned depending on the amount of HP reduced on bosses and obstacles from the accumulated portion. (The portions evaluated will be subtracted from what you have accumulated.)
  • Changes to Reive momentum bonus requirements
    To go along with the changes to the evaluation method, we will be making changes so that separate action accumulation is consolidated into one.
  • Addition of Reive momentum bonuses
    We will be adding new types of momentum bonuses.
  • Monster behavior adjustments

We will be revamping monster behavior. AoE abilities and knock-back abilities will be included in this.

  • Yahse Hunting Grounds and Ceizak Battlegrounds reive adjustment
    Adjustments will be made to lower the difficulty the most for the Colonization and Lair Reives for these two areas.
  • Foret de Hennetiel and Morimar Basalt Fields reive adjustment
    Adjustments will be made to lower the difficulty for Colonization and Lair Reives in these two areas.
  • Wildskeeper Reives adjustment
    We will be lowering the amount of Bayld needed to purchase the required key items. Currently we are planning the below:Ceizak Battlegrounds: 50,000
    Foret de Hennetiel / Morimar Basalt Fields: 75,000


For adjustments to come after the above, we are currently looking into doing things such as implementing a system where NPCs join Colonization and Lair Reives, allowing adventuring fellows to be called in Adoulin areas as well as increasing their level cap, and hiring mercenary NPCs in order to help out solo and low-man play.

Also, in addition to reive adjustments, we are working to implement the Bivouac adjustments mentioned the other day, additional items that can be purchased with Bayld, and overall colonization adjustments in the next version update.