Level Syncing F.A.T.E. Shown In New FFXIV Screenshots

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Today on the game’s Facebook (Japan), 4 new screenshots were released showing the game (presumably) running on the PlayStation 3 hardware. In the images you can see a male Miqo’te Paladin participating in an NM F.A.T.E. A special note to make in these images is that the PLD is level 50 and he has been level synced down to lvl 23 for participating in the F.A.T.E. This way he can scale down and receive a reward as opposed to going in and being such a high level that no rewards are granted due to the level difference.

  • Vismal

    Smart move FF team.

  • James Lockwood

    Lookin good =) Looks like level sync will be very easy to use. If those are PS3 screenshots, just wow.