New White Mage Image Revealed In IE10 Site Themes

ffxiv_wallpaper_2 ffxiv_wallpaper_1

The promotional website for Internet Explorer 10 and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has seen an update today which will allow those that make a post through the site vita Twitter or Facebook to download a theme for Windows. This theme includes various sound effects in addition to two new wallpapers. One never before seen image of a rendered Lalafell White Mage, and the other a slight variation of the image found last week.

You can click on the images above to see their full resolution. Additionally if you want to download the theme for yourself, you can had over to the promotional site here. (Note you must tweet/facebook a message on the front page using IE 10 before you can download the theme.)

4 thoughts on “New White Mage Image Revealed In IE10 Site Themes

  1. any chance you can download them and upload them to a host for us who are having issues .. IE as normal BANE OF MY LIFE

  2. here you go^~^
    its a nice theme, i love the lullaby fanfare as shutdown

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