Aetheryte Radio- A Podcast Reborn

Aetheryte Radio

The first episode of Aetheryte Radio aired August 18th, 2009.

From the moment Final Fantasy XIV was first announced we have been at work, trying to deliver a solid podcast by tweaking and adjusting the formula that we’ve been using since 2006 for Final Fantasy XI. We’ve gone from an overexcited plethora of shows (remember the AR network?) to a strong, single show with a structured format.

Today we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on for the past several months. Below are the changes that we’ll be making to Aetheryte Radio to better serve the community for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

AR comparison

The first change you’ll see at the top of the list is that we’ll now be including video in our shows. We’re excited to offer this new format and hope that you all enjoy it! The show will be available via both Youtube and .Mp3.

Rotating Segments

The largest change that the show will see is the inclusion of what we’re calling rotating segments. The idea is to have a focused spot in the show where we can essentially “plug in” one (or more) of several different types of content. Here’s a list of what we’re working on,  it can be adjusted or added to at anytime:

Hot Topic Discussion
No, this isn’t talking about those stores in the mall. This segment is geared towards the discussion of a hot topic that’s making its way around the community. The vocal minority complaining about something on the official forums again? Let’s take a look and see if their complaints are justified! Perhaps changes are being proposed to certain elements of the game on the forums, we can go through that and lend our thoughts on the subject. We can also announce this segment ahead of time to let listeners leave comments that can then be read on the show and worked into the discussion! Let your voice be heard!

As many of you are probably familiar with by now, we here at Gamer Escape love lore! So much so that we actually have a person where all they do is dig into the lore of Hydaelyn and Eorzea in order to find out every little detail that there is to know. This segment will be based on articles of The Lore Train that we post on the site.

Epic Fails
We already have our bragging rights segment, which will be included in each episode. But what about the other side to that? The colossal screw ups that you hope you can laugh off by sharing it with other people? Similar to Bragging Rights, we would make a post on the website and ask for listeners to submit some of their biggest mistakes so we can all sympathize or laugh at you.

Strategy and Tips
A Realm Reborn will provide a completely revamped version of Final Fantasy XIV. With that will come new systems, new content and new ways of doing things. We’ll be working with Doctor Mog in order to provide various tips and strategies, which is where this segment will pull its content from. In addition, Doctor Mog will be creating a variety of videos dedicated to strategies and tips that we will embed into our FFXIV wiki.

Guest Discussion
Those that have listened to our Final Fantasy XI podcast, Pet Food Alpha may remember that we used to have frequent guests appear on the show. Unfortunately, many of those times the guest’s audio quality wasn’t great, or they contributed little to the show (no offense former guests!). With Aetheryte Radio, we will still have an opportunity for guests to appear on the show, however we will have a different policy for how these guests will come to appear on the show.

While the average player can be fun to talk to, we want to make sure that the guests on Aetheryte Radio are 100% worth talking to. For this reason any guests that appear on the show will have some of important role in the community at large. In addition, we will take guest suggestions from the community. A community for an MMO can be quite large so by allowing for listeners to suggest guests we can both get guests that you want to listen too and perhaps have a guest be brought to our attention that we were not aware of previously.

community interaction

We want community interaction to play a large role in the future of Aetheryte Radio and we want to be able to provide myriad ways to do so.

As mentioned above, we’ll be allowing you to contribute to to some of our rotating segments that were outlined above by giving us your input, or by telling us who you’d like to hear from within the community. You can even submit some goings on in the community and we might feature it in our news portion! We’d love to hear about any ideas you have for the show!

There is also the Bragging Rights segment that will be a part of every episode that we do. Keep an eye on the website for our Bragging Rights post and drop a comment about some of the great stuff you’ve accomplished in the game recently and we’ll pick our favorite 5 and read your name and accomplishment on the air!

Additionally, we’ll often read any feedback we receive via e-mail and Twitter at the end of the show. Perhaps you had a quick question or suggestion for the show? Maybe you just want to write us to say “you guys are super awesome!” We love hearing from you. After all, you’re the reason we do this!


We’re always open to feedback and suggestions that you have for the show. We greatly value your thoughts and make sure to take them into consideration as we polish what we hope will be a solid podcast foundation that will be informative, interactive and fun. Please leave any feedback you have in our forums, or by e-mailing us at [email protected]

With the game still in beta, we haven’t locked down an exact date for when we’ll unleash this beast upon the community and increase the frequency of shows. However, we will be looking to do so sometime before launch!

3 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio- A Podcast Reborn

  1. As excited as I am for the relaunch of FFXIV, I’m just as excited for Aetheryte Radio to be back! I’ve missed you guys!

    Also, I love the addition of Doctor Mog to your repertoire of contributors to Gamer Escape. He was a great asset to the community in 1.0, producing great instructional videos that I admittedly watched several times, since I didn’t have the time nor the group to experience the content.

    Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to the rest of this year and watching not only FFXIV grow, but you guys as well.

    Betty White of Rabanastre/Durandal/???
    Eruntalo of Cerberus

  2. New format sounds great and can’t wait for what’s in store. Hopefully we get a few Community segments provided by Steak in the Rotating Segments part of the show and good stuff from Dr. Mog. Keep up the great work Fusion and GE!

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