Happy Birthday Vana’diel! Final Fantasy XI Turns XI

Final Fantasy XI Turns XI

Final Fantasy XI released in Japan on May 16th, 2002 for the PlayStation 2.

Over the past eleven years it has became the highest grossing Final Fantasy title in the history of the franchise and released five expansion packs. With sixteen servers online, the game is still being enjoyed all these years later by players around the world.

Gamer Escape is proud to say that our roots extend almost as far back as the game itself, with our experience reaching back to 2004 with the inception of the first Final Fantasy XI wiki. Years later we started what is the longest running Final Fantasy XI podcast.

Months ago we announced that we would be starting a large scale overhaul of our FFXI wiki. Progress has been slow and steady, and we have developed a lot of useful code that’s being used in our brand new item template. A game with eleven years under its belt has a lot that needs to be changed and we’d encourage any interested parties to head over to our FFXI Wiki forums to see what kinds of edits need to be done.

Our FFXI podcast Pet Food Alpha released its first episode on June 5th, 2006. Next month will mark the 7th anniversary of the show! We’re planning on having some old hosts come back for the occasion in addition to giving away some prizes provided to us by Square Enix including various CD soundtracks and some Jeuno t-shirts. We’ll have more details on how you can win those in the coming weeks!

We here at Gamer Escape are excited to see Final Fantasy XI still continuing service after eleven years and hope that it will continue for even more.

Happy birthday Vana’diel!


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  1. And an especial thanks to our editors, who have been working very hard to edit thousands of pages to use the new formats. Not to mention their help (and outright design!) in designing the new templates.

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