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Hands On With Krillbite Studio's Among The Sleep

15 May 2013

With only a few days to go on Kickstarter, Krillbite Studio has exceeded their pledge goal of $200,000 for Among The Sleep- a first person horror game in which you assume the role of an infant.

I got a copy of the alpha build of the game and dove right into the main characters crib… before being tipped out of it by some unseen force who also took my teddy bear… that jerk. As you explore the house, you get hit with the various elements of the atmosphere. First you hear someone yelling for help, then you hear a growling noise and if all of those sounds in the dark atmosphere of the house aren’t enough, it starts to storm outside, adding in the thunder on top of it all.

Most FPS titles give you the ability to crouch while moving. Among The Sleep allows you to walk (or waddle really, you are an infant after all) or crawl. If you’re walking while sprinting after a short time you end up tripping and going into a crawl. It’s a little thing, but its definitely a nice touch in an age where movement for first person games always feels so spot on. It’s nice that it’s a little wobbly and definitely adds to the realization that yes, you are a little kid with a teddy bear, not some beefed up super soldier with a B.F.G.

Even though the alpha is fairly short, I did enjoy my time with it and you can check out my play through in the video above.

As of this post, there are only about 70 hours left to back this game, which you should totally do.