Rumor: Scholar Coming To A Realm Reborn


Today an image has appeared around various parts of the internet showing off what appears to be new artwork from Akihiko Yoshida showing off the jobs of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. However if we’re to assume that the circle of characters are in fact jobs and not classes, that would mean that there is another book wielder among the adventurers of Eorzea- one that looks an awful lot like a Scholar.

The image looks like it’s a part of the website that went up around the time of the nico nico event, however the image in question cannot currently be found on that site (although there are some lovely images of a Warrior, White Mage and Monk). Did someone manage to extract this image from the site? Is it some of the best looking fan art we’ve ever seen? We’ve contacted Square Enix regarding its authenticity and will update this post when we hear more.

Update: After a week the image has become available via the promotional website. The only issue now is whether or not that is a Scholar in the image.

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Scholar Coming To A Realm Reborn

  1. Back in Beta Phase 1, someone extracted an image file for “Scholar Unlocked” in amongst the files on the game client.

    So it’s very likely we’ll see it after Arcanist and Summoner.

  2. Neat we got a new job but just like when SCH was introduced in FFXI it’s the one nobody expected (/ probably wanted)….. Btw this is coming from a SCH99 <,<; I'm still salty I didn't get Time Mage.

  3. Count me as a fan that really wants to see Samurai and/or Dancer, AKA the best damn jobs ever. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind the old FF Tactics style Samurai, with cloth armour and such..
    As Nathan said, Time Mage does sound neat, but to me it wasn’t fully necessary, seeing as time-based spells already existed on Red Mage and White Mage.. Not sure what other time aspect there could be, aside from being an almost-Ultimecia, y’know?

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