Eleventh Anniversary Mog Bonanza about to Burst into Vana'Diel!

12 May 2013

In celebration of eleven wonderful years of FINAL FANTASY XI, our intrepid moogle friends have decided to host another Mog Bonanza starting on May 16!

This time around, six varying prize levels await those willing to make a deal with Lady Luck—and what’s more, indescribably fortuitous winners may even receive items available from the Seekers of Adoulin expansion!

Prizes, schedules, and more will be announced on May 16, so set this page as your homepoint!

* Sales of Mog Bonanza Marbles are scheduled to run from sale from Thursday, May 16, 2013, to Thursday, June 20, 2013.
* Marbles may only be purchased by characters for whom thirty-two days (Earth time) have passed since creation.
* Please remember that all prizes won in the Mog Bonanza are valueless virtual items or gil for use in the game FINAL FANTASY XI only. Prizes cannot be transferred to another player in exchange for real-world money without violating the PlayOnline Member Agreement and risking termination of the accounts of all parties involved.