7 thoughts on “New Images of Nighttime in Thanalan & Ul’dah

  1. very nice pics. thanx Gahoo for posting these and leaving the link.

    1. i saw that… i zoomed in on the pics to look for small tidbits not visible without zoom. those icons look very nice.

  2. The sky!!! The textures!!! The icons!!! The, well EVERYTHING!!! Argh, it’s so pretty. Looks like I’m going to be a pale mofo this summer, all caught up in ARR lol

  3. click on the facebook link for 4 new limsa lominsa pics. nice pics at that!!!

    1. Keep checking for new pics by clicking the link for the japanese facebook webpage. it would seem the JP FB gets new pics several days before everyone else does. like earlier this morning i checked (5/9/2013) and there was 4 more new pics. i hope info and not just pics would be coming out during our wait time. not that i am not happy with the pics. just would love info about stuff like ARCANIST and whatever else is in Beta Test Phase 3. i love having as much info as possible. =o)

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