Official ARR Site Overrun with Beastmen

Square Enix has (quietly) updated their official site with new images of beastmen and the primals they worship.  According to the overall Lore:

Eorzea is home to myriad unique races. Among them are the tribes of the beastmen, who are responsible for calling down the god-like beings known as primals.  Primals are possessed of terrifying power, and are effectively immortal─they can return from death’s halls no matter how many times they are slain. They are wont to bless their beastman worshippers with spiritual and physical strength, and the city-states deem them a most dire threat.

We are provided with five such primal – beastmen relationships:

Ifrit – The Amalj’aa

Ramuh – The Sylphs

Garuda – The Ixal

Titan – The Kobolds

Leviathan – The Sahagin

Check out the images below, and the official site for some additional lore about the relationships.

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8 thoughts on “Official ARR Site Overrun with Beastmen

  1. these pics are really nice. SinDecade is absolutely right tho. i thought shiva was coming out also. i hope this doesnt mean Shiva has gone MIA. but i must say.. its nice to see titan, leviathan, and ramuh. also nice to see a list of who the primals worshipers were and to include pics of them. i must say tho, the sahagin do look more humanoid-ish or more to the point merman-ish. does one or two of those pics look like the kobold and sahagin have their own city/large encampment? and what about the ixal looking encampment? the one that looks like its in a snow covered area? interesting no?

      1. Odin is an elder primal so I believe that’s why he’s left out… not the same tier.

      2. It’s kinda sad if Shiva is missing. It says that the Summoner has not only the power to summon the primals, but is also able to bind and bring forth the primal’s essences. So in that case, no Shiva for summoner? D: that would suck, badly…

  2. Shiva is more than likely left out because they haven’t revealed which race she is currently tied to.

    Also, like Bahamut, Odin is an Elder Primal so is not listed here.

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