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Developer's Blog: On a Boat

23 Apr 2013

Greetings everyone!
Ferenhalwes back from the dead to bring you today’s scoop.

The problem is, these past few Producer Letter Lives have been so chock-full of crunchy, chocolaty, peanut-buttery goodness, I’m stuck with nothing but table scraps.

Luckily, today’s scraps are fit for not just any dog—but a scurvy dog! ARRRRRR!

I was traipsing about the new and improved Limsa Lominsa this morning when I noticed something. Sure, the city-state had a similar feel to its 1.0 counterpart, but somehow it wasn’t quite the same as before. The city-state was more…alive. And then that’s when it hit me—many of the NPCs were DOING something! (And by ‘doing something’ I don’t mean ‘staring off glassy-eyed into the distance until you come along and he tells you in 1000 words or less about how great La Noscean lettuce is, and what he wouldn’t give to have a kind adventurer bring him 5 heads.’)

Yellowjackets patrolling the streets…
Fishers repairing their nets…
Sea Wolves doing push-ups with Miqo’te sitting on their backs…wait, wha?


Uh…Okay. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good story to go along with this…

But that’s not to say there is a lack of everyday situations like…
Serving wenches waiting on tables…
Peddlers gesturing to potential customers…
Unconscious prisoners hanging suspended over the sea while carefree pirates point and laugh at the poor lads’ misfortune…wait, wha?


Ah, I love this town.

Till sea swallows all!