Child Based Horror Game Among The Sleep Wants A Kickstart

Last summer, the above clip went online showing a first person horror game. While that certainly isn’t anything new, the team at Krillbite Studio threw something into the game that makes it stand out among those currently on the market.

You play as a two year old.

You’re not some grown adult walking around these dark environments with a weapon in hand- you’re a child with a teddy bear.

Among the Sleep is now on Kickstarter asking for $200,000 to get this game out for PC, Mac and Linux (they’re also looking into console versions and support for the Oculus Rift). The reward tiers range from digital copies of the game to getting a physical teddy bear, lovingly crafted by Krillbite.

You can read up and help kickstart Among the Sleep here.

4 thoughts on “Child Based Horror Game Among The Sleep Wants A Kickstart

  1. yeah already kick $20 two days ago and post on my website

  2. are you kidding me?!? a two year old carrying to a teddy bear AND A WEAPON??? what the hell is this world coming to that people are trying to put out a video game like this??? this is seriously messed up.

    1. maybe try reading that again- the child doesn’t have a weapon.

      1. ah… i did misread that. still tho… what is this 2yr old gonna be doing in this horror game?

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