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The Lore Train: Horned Children And Lost Cities

5 Apr 2013


It’s been pretty quiet on the lore front as our favorite voidsent representatives claw their way out from under a mountain of new content destined for further testing phases, but it’s Friday night at Platform XIV and Three-Quarters, which means that if The Lore Train’s passing through this week, it’s going to be right about n- Hey! There it- aw, it’s gone… but wait! A winged silhouette has tossed a parcel from the roof of a speeding library car and, what do you know, there’s just enough inside to warrant a post to reassure you, even a singular you, probably you, that yes, I do intend to keep doing these.

Read on for the latest lore!

The recent posts on naming conventions that we covered last time were useful if you were looking for a new name for yourself, but what about those who are out to write some fan-fiction, or do some role-playing, or need some intern hours for their degree in Ahriman Inquisition? There are non-playable races out there, too, you know!

Horns probably won’t be showing up in the character creator anytime soon, but if you’re an enterprising young Lalafell who wants to stick on some antelope horns and play out your fantasy of saturating the pint-sized oracle market for All Saints’ Wake this year, Padjali naming conventions are now available – and with some bonus back-story on how these Hyur accept their calling.

You can also start foaming at the mouth in anticipation for advice on how you, for one, can welcome your new imperial overlords with conventions for the Garleans as well… but the lesson plan isn’t ready quite yet. That said, you should probably still practice the sociocultural position-indicating middle names as soon as possible. Mistaking Lord Jaspsis for a van instead of a nan? That’s a gun-paddlin’.

The best news this round isn’t information I can tell you we already have, but information you’ll soon get to learn firsthand. Eorzea is host to more fallen empires and city-states than it is to functioning ones, and judging from certain hints dropped this week, A Realm Reborn might not only include a some back-story on how the companies of our existing nations came to be as they are, but also delve into exploring the ruins and histories of those that came before, such as Ul’dah’s fallen sister-city of Sil’dih, Vylbrand’s lost city of Nym, and surely something on the culture who built all those Gelmorran ruins out in the Shroud…

I’d say things are looking pretty good moving forward towards release – and this is coming from the guy who’s left standing alone at a train station, so make of that what you will.

Until next time, Loremongers!