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Layoffs Hit Square Enix North America

2 Apr 2013

Square Enix

We have confirmed that there have been layoffs at Square Enix’s offices in Los Angeles.

We can confirm that Square Enix’s Los Angeles office has eliminated a number of positions as part of the corporate restructuring announced last week. This is an unfortunate situation and we are offering assistance and severance packages to any employees affected by this, we want to thank them for their hard work and sincerely wish them well in the future.

This news comes after President Yoichi Wada said he would be stepping down from the company as a result of  a 13 billion yen loss for the fiscal year. The company is currently going under restructuring. Final Fantasy XIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida said on the games official forums that “the plans, stance and structure of the development team will not be affected.”

We’ve contacted Square Enix to see whether or not those involved in Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV were affected following today’s announcement however they were unable to comment further.

You can see updated info about this situation after the jump.


At this time we can confirm that Community Team members Matt “Bayohne” Hilton, Devin “Camate” Casadey and Paul “Okipuit” Malixi in addition to Marketer Morten Haugaard are still at Square Enix.



Update 2:

Joystiq has uncovered more information about the layoffs saying that Mike Fischer, President and CEO of Square Enix America will be gone around May. The head of marketing (which saw an estimated cut of ten people) will be done after E3 and PR will be cut in half with the employees departing at the end of June.