FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 298

Bragging Rights- Pet Food Alpha

Seekers of Adoulin is now live! What have you sought? How high is your GEO and RUN? How many bivouacs have you wacked?

Drop a comment below and let us know what you’ve been up to since the release of Final Fantasy XI’s latest expansion! We’ll read them on our next show which is scheduled to be live Wednesday April 3rd ~10:00 PM EST.

6 thoughts on “FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 298

  1. Came back to FFXI and had probably the worst update experience of
    anyone, having to repair some bad sectors before it could finish

    Unlocked Rune Fencer and Geomancer (Like everyone else), getting my log from chocobo digging because screw hype prices.

    Made a bunch of wiki edits. You should too.

  2. Finally got to 2,500/10,000 moat carps for Lu Shang before the expansion came out, and since then I’ve been soloing Grounds of Valor on my Rune Fencer, which is now level 57.

  3. Both Geomancer & Rune Knight at level 99.

    Finished all Adoulin missions that are currently available.

  4. Unlocked the new jobs, bashed on some nests and roots, ate a mouthful of foreign soil, participated in online info gathering and did everything everyone else did this first week.

    Some of my favorite moments so far have been exploring with my linkshell and close friends, doing quests with my Salvage buddy, and just taking some time out to really take it all in. When it comes down to it, these new experiences with our friends are what we’re going to remember, not being the first RUN99 or GEO99.

    Also, I regained some hope that Pet Food Alpha might actually be published more often this year. As the last remaining FFXI podcast that I know of in what used to be a fairly crowded sea, it’s nice to know someone left the light on in the lighthouse.

  5. Nephilipitou here (Ne Philip It Toe)

    Made 2 Pet PDT axes, (not completed but +2) and spammed whirl claws in Reives after dying like 20 times prior to that and realized how broken BST is for Reives and loving it. Got 18k Bayld not sure what on earth I’d want to use it on.

    Joined the “I paid 150k for a log knowing full well it will drop in price in 24-48 hours” club just so I’d have something to complain about then paid 200k more than the next to Brego Gloves went for, for Bard since Magic doesn’t get crud for Bayld and I might want to team up and spam marches and Exenterator or possibly Aeolian Edge.

    Helped a brand new character learn the ropes and not die 3 times to every bunny they killed. Showed them the ropes of Windurst, showed them the towers of East and West Sarutabaruta since you can do some easy low level GoV in some of them.

    Spent a bunch of time in Adoulin feeling like a n00b as a single non final sting hit me on Dancer for 700 damage after a double attack procc on the mob hit me wiping me out before I had a chance to curing waltz V…

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