Hiromichi Tanaka To Oversee Additional Final Fantasy III Ports


For those that missed it, Final Fantasy III is now available on the Ouya.

This marks the 5th time that the game has been released stateside since its debut on the Nintendo DS. However, Square Enix isn’t stopping there. Today we received word that Square Enix veteran and Final Fantasy III Director, Hiromichi Tanaka, will be returning to the company to oversee further ports of Final Fantasy III.

“Currently, the team is constructing a brand new engine for graphing calculators” Tanaka told us. “I figure, if Naoki Yoshida can take Final Fantasy XIV and make it look great on low end hardware, then I can do the same thing with Final Fantasy III! We feel that the graphing calculator market is brimming with potential for games. Why would kids want to do something productive like homework when they could load up Final Fantasy III on their overpriced calculators?”

Currently, the TI-83 Plus is the only new port for the title that has been confirmed. When we asked Tanaka about other platforms he said “Wii U? Probably not. However, if the calculator version takes off we may look into a pen and paper version, or perhaps even look at bringing Final Fantasy III to the abacus! I mean… really, it’s been on just about everything else! We have to think outside the box when bringing Final Fantasy to as many people as possible”.

When asked if there would be any changes to the game for the hardcore Final Fantasy fans Tanaka told us “Well… and this isn’t official yet, but we’re considering changing the name. Originally in North America, Final Fantasy III was really Final Fantasy VI. So we’re thinking about switching those around. Lately, other directors in the series have said that making things more “Final Fantasy” is a good way to go. What better way to make this latest port more Final Fantasy than to confuse people with the numbers?”

Currently there is no release date set for the TI-83 Plus version of Final Fantasy III… or is it Final Fantasy VI? Either way, keep checking back for the latest information!

Happy April 1st!

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