Information on The Mog Gardens


Yoji Fujito has finally given us more information on the much anticipated Mog Garden feature that was mentioned at Vanafest last year. Check it out after the jump!


As mentioned in the post by Producer Akihiko Matsui last week, Associate Director Yoji Fujito has prepared a post to give some information on Mog Gardens.



I’d like to give a simple explanation of Mog Gardens, which is previously what we referenced as “Back on the Ranch” at VanaFest 2012. Most of this information has been confirmed at the current point in time, but there might be a possibility changes do occur, and we appreciate your understanding.

  • What’s a Mog Garden?

A Mog Garden is a small island floating in the Adoulin archipelago, and the property rights are granted by the Adoulin government to those deemed true pioneers. This allows the pioneers to freely utilize and extract all of the resources it has to offer. To put it simply, the government has said that pioneers are free to do as they please with the things they procure on the island.

  • What kind of resources are there?

The below resources points have been found on the islands:

  • Beautiful beaches
    Various things are carried by the gently rolling waves. Of course, you can fish as well. Not a fan catching some sun rays? Well, we’ve thought of that, and have prepared a beach umbrella!
  • Trees and thick vegetation
    You can harvest on your island and you might even find some strange logs or plants native to Ulbuka. Originally, special items were needed for harvesting, but here, your moogle will provide what you need!
  • Springs
    There are hints of fish in this crystal clear water, and fishing if possible here as well. There are nets set up at both the coast and the spring, so you might just pull in some big fish!
  • Bare mineral deposits
    You’ll be able to mine at these locations. The islands of the Adoulin archipelago are famous for the cornucopia of minerals. While you originally needed a pick axe for mining, once again, your moogle will provide what you need.
  • Moogle field
    In the center of the island there is nutrient-rich soil, and something is sure to grow if you plant a seed here. Different from gardening, there is no need to worry about withering here! Try and plant a variety of seeds.

Through the above, it will be possible to obtain different materials, plants, and marine products from these resources. Depending on the coalition ranks, you can also obtain things that will be beneficial to your Mog Garden.

  • So wait, it’s not a farm?

Don’t you worry, that plan is still alive. However, we’d like some time for that. What we are currently thinking for animal raising is instead of having complex growth elements like chocobo raising, we’d like to making it possible to raise a monster and then harvest the items from each one repeatedly at a set interval. Once we finalize the details for this I will let you all know.

Just as described above, there will be chances to obtain a variety of different materials from your Mog Garden. Different from your Mog House, however, there are no layout customization options for your Mog Garden. Instead, you will be able to expand resource points and develop your Mog Garden. There might just be a story that starts from an unexpected visitor or wreckage that washes up.

I’ll be back to let you know details at a later time.
Until then!