Bethany “Rukkirii” Stout Bids A Fond Farewell To The Final Fantasy MMO Community


FFXI/FFXIV Community Representative Bethany Stout, better known as “Rukkirii” formally announced today that March 28th will be her last day at Square Enix.

After almost three years since I became a part of the Final Fantasy XI and XIV Community Team, March 28th will mark the time for me to complete this adventure and start a new mission in the pacific northwest. It has always been a dream of mine to be a member of this amazing team ever since I attended the 2007 FFXI Fan Festival and saw Bayohne on stage tell players to hold onto their job questions for the job panel later on and seeing his reaction to the first question being about jobs. /priceless

Thank you so much to all of you for being a part of my life and I will truly miss being your coeurl rep Rukkirii. Instead, I will continue to be a fellow player alongside you in both A Realm Reborn and Seekers of Adoulin.

I’ve learned that dreams do come true. Thank you for the memories and see you in-game.


Several of us here at Gamer Escape have been lucky enough to have spent some time with Bethany during her time on the Community Team. We all wish her the best!

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  1. NUUUUUUUUU Final Fantasy will NEVER be the same D: First Fusion leaves my server now we loose my #1 SE employee ; ; *runs off to cry*

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