Akihiko Matsui Interested In FFXI Gaiden

Matsui Interested In FFXI Gaiden

Recently, Famitsu asked various game developers what they would like to do with the upcoming PlayStation 4 hardware.

FINAL FANTASY XI Producer Akihiko Matsui mentioned that he would be interested in creating a FINAL FANTASY XI Gaiden- or side story.


What he proposed was something almost reminiscent of Crystal Chronicles on the GCN. He said he would like to have the PlayStation 4 hardware act as a server while the PlayStation Vita would be the client.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about FINAL FANTASY XI on the Vita hardware. Former Producer Hiromichi Tanaka had said at one point that Square Enix was looking at the hardware as a possible home for their first MMORPG. However at last year’s VanaFest they stated that they were not going to be bringing the game to Vita.

Of course this is just an idea that Matsui had and is by no means an official announcement for FFXI Gaiden.

2 thoughts on “Akihiko Matsui Interested In FFXI Gaiden

  1. Interesting, but I’m not sure I’d buy a PS4 and a Vita to play FFXI-offline, and for that matter anyone who wants can try XI for relativity cheap on PC, so…..

  2. They definitely can NOT do FFXI on the Vita. There’s a limit of 4GB in game size since all games have to be available as downloadable title, and the minimum cards are 4GB. This is why they didn’t put Metal Gear Solid PS1 in the Metal Gear Solid Collection

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