Even More Questions From The FINAL FANTASY XIV Media Tour!

Even More Questions From The FINAL FANTASY XIV Media Tour!

Last month we had the chance to sit down with Naoki Yoshida, the Director/Producer of the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn during a global media tour. Unfortunately due to time we weren’t able to get all of our questions answered. However, in this wonderful day we live in there is a thing called e-mail and because of this remarkable piece of technology we have some more information for you guys!

You can check out the final pieces of our media tour Q and A after the jump!

GE- With the new Cait Sith artwork that was shown, it looked a bit like a stuffed animal. Cait Sith artwork had been previously released. Is this a newer version to move away from the FFXI design? Or was the image we were shown for a Cait Sith pet? (similar to the bomb, chocobo and mammet in the demo)

Yoshida- We’d like to wait a little longer before we reveal how Cait Sith will appear in game. Also, this particular version was designed specifically for FFXIV. :)

GE- How will pets be obtained in the game? (such as the bomb, chocobo and mammet) Will there be any special pets for Legacy or Collector’s Edition players? I would love to have a little Nael Van Darnus following me around.

Yoshida- Players will be able to obtain minions in a variety of ways– by clearing content, by earning achievements, by exchanging Company Seals, by purchasing them from vendors, and so on. I hope everyone tries to get them all! And I’ll be sure to let my team know about your Nael minion idea! :p

GE- You mentioned that end FATES such as Behemoth and Odin will have item rewards. Will these be distributed through the need/greed system? Or some other method?

Yoshida- No, we’ll actually be utilizing a different method. Players will earn individual rewards as well as tokens that can be redeemed for other rewards so there will be no need/greed rolls. It’s our hope that players will come together to achieve a common goal—even if their only contribution is to add another coating of blood to Odin’s Zantetsuken. :p

GE- Are Primals a part of the FATE system? or do they simply appear as NMs that begin to wander around? How will primal weapons be obtained in A Realm Reborn?

Yoshida- Many primals will be introduced through instanced battles, as they were in Version 1.0. Also, like Version 1.0, primal weapons will be obtained by defeating primals. That said, players may encounter primals in a future FATE!