PlayStation 4 Announced At PlayStation Meeting 2013

PlayStation 4 Announced At PlayStation Meeting 2013

Tonight Sony revealed the future of PlayStation- the PlayStation 4. At least in name and controller anyway. The next-gen console itself was not shown at the event.

PS4 Controller

The new controller features a touch pad on the front as well as a share button just to the left of it which can allow players to share their content online as previously rumored. There’s also a color bar on the controller, perhaps intended to be used like the PlayStation Move’s glowing ball. The system will also come with a camera that can track the new controller.

Using Gaikai streaming technology, the PS4, while not offering native backwards compatibility for PS3 titles, will have the ability to stream these previous generation games on various devices. It was also mentioned that PS4 will feature remote play with the PlayStation Vita.

A few games were announced, Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, Driveclub, a new title from Media Molecule that uses the PlayStation Move controller, The Witness from Braid creator Jonathan Blow and Infamous Second Son. New engines were shown by Quantic Dream, Capcom and SQUARE ENIX (who showed their Agni’s Philosophy demo).

SQUARE ENIX announced that a new FINAL FANTASY will be shown at this year’s E3. Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs for PS4, Bungie’s Destiny will be on PS3 with exclusive content and finally Diablo 3 will arrive on both PS3 and PS4.

The PlayStation 4 will launch this holiday season.

2 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Announced At PlayStation Meeting 2013

  1. All interesting info however i was hoping they would talk about Battlefield 4

  2. Honestly, what they should have done was actually address the issue they admitted the PS3 had in the first 5 minutes of the talk… Build a console that is more modular or upgradable, so it can change with what people want in the future. As it stands, isn’t this console basically going to have the exact same problems they are saying the PS3 has 5 years from now?

    The only thing I am really excited about is being able to play other peoples’ games from a different console… But, that kind of feature could’ve been added in on a software update if they had just thought ahead to make the PS3 more extensible.

    Oh, and how in the world do you end up signing with Ustream!? We’re missing the real story here… does this mean xbox already has an exclusive deal with Twitch?? (The only reason I can imagine, help me out here…)

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