FFXIV Dev Blog: Interview with the Producer/Director

Hello everyone! Pinurabi here, making my second media tour post from San Francisco, where the sun shines and information flows.

This time I’d like to write about the interview sessions between Yoshi-P and members of the gaming media. As you might expect, the matters discussed varied between interviewers. Some were treated to a demonstration of the FATE system on Yoshi-P’s notebook.


While others received a preview of the soon-to-be-released benchmark software. That score… It’s over NINE THOUSAND!


I should mention here that Yoshi-P is utterly unstoppable in interviews. The man talks about whatever the heck he wants—like a boss. The interviewer just needs the skillz to fish the info out of him. It may interest you to know that a lot of questions were about PvP—quite representative of our North American players’ tastes.

In the last picture we have the spiffy FFXIV: ARR USB memory cards prepared especially for our media guests. Each comes preloaded with a goodly amount of assets for use in articles and so forth.


…No, they’re not for sale.

And on that note, I shall go and pack my bags─I fear our short but memorable time in San Francisco has come to an end. Thank you for having us! Next stop: London!


6 thoughts on “FFXIV Dev Blog: Interview with the Producer/Director

  1. “It may interest you to know that a lot of questions were about PvP—quite representative of our North American players’ tastes.”

    i’m sorry. did i just read that right? did i just read a Dev stereotyping americans as PvP type people? during v1.0 my LS mates and i liked exploring and not many of us really cared for PvP and yes… we are ALL americans. Please Pinurabi, leave the stereotyping out. its just bad for business and last thing SE needs is to tick off customers before you all get Beta testing started. so please leave it out.

    1. You and your friends =/= everyone. There are plenty of people that enjoy PvP.
      Also keep in mind that it may have been asked about because it’s one of the few things we haven’t had any real information on other than its existence.

      1. if you had read what i wrote more carefully you would have realized that i never said my friends and i = everyone. my comment was meaning that NOT ALL americans are PvP enthusiast and it shouldn’t be assumed nor stereotyped. its fine if people are trying to get info on something that they haven’t put any or much info out about. i have no probs with that. just dont stereotype ALL bc of it. i have plenty of friends that do love PvP and dont care that they do. a game can have exploring, end game content, PvP, and much much more. i want any and all info i can get about ARR. i love FF game series and think ARR can be a masterpiece and dont want to see it get messed over bc stereotypes and/or bad PR.

  2. “interview sessions between Yoshi-P and members of the gaming media…” Does that mean we will be seeing one here soon? Sounds fun… Did you fight over who got to keep the USB?

    1. You’ll be seeing more than one piece on this site in the coming days ^_~ It was just me there from GE so I didn’t have to fight off anyone for the USB card =P

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