What Have You Done During FFXIV’s Downtime? This Person Made A Comic

Happier Times

Roleplayer Selene Artemis from Balmung has been quite productive during the downtime of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

This past weekend they shared their work from the past several months on reddit– a beautifully illustrated 27 page comic. The story, Selene told us, is based on the actions of their character in-game over the course of several months. They wanted to wrap-up the story for their before the events that lead to the massive changes in the upcoming reboot- A Realm Reborn.

I thought about writing some sort of “wrapup” story for Selene’s 1.0 career. I made a rather spontaneous decision to do it as a comic, and use her relationship with her Goobbue as a framing device to cover her growth. It’d been a while since I made a full-length comic like this, so I guess I underestimated how long it would take to finish.

We would say the hard work was well worth it in the end. “Happier Times” is one of the best FFXIV comics we’ve seen yet! You can check it out here.