Planned Changes For The FINAL FANTASY XI Wiki

FINAL FANTASY XI at Gamer Escape

Today we’ve begun phase one of what will be a large scale overhaul of our FINAL FANTASY XI wiki.

Since Gamer Escape launched we’ve been hard at work not only on the things you see now such as the blog and the forums, but also on the wiki. Using our past experiences, we’ve been able to build a series of wikis like no other. For those of you who have edited our FINAL FANTASY XIV wiki, you’re sure to notice that our item template not only allows for easy edits, but also allows items to be automatically added to other pages based on information on the page.

Today, we’ve begun the first step of implementing this easier, more convenient system on our FFXI wiki. We’ll first be converting all current item pages into a brand new template and from there we will be making tweaks to that template as we carry on with these changes.

Unfortunately, not all of these changes can be done with the click of a button. We can do the heavy lifting, but we need some help from you via small edits- which you can find more info about here.

We encourage you to leave feedback about these changes on in our FFXI Wiki Forum.