FFXIV Dev Blog: This Is Not A Test

Hello everyone! Fernehalwes back again.

I mean, seriously. I leave Pinurabi alone for one minute, and he’s off gallivanting about, pretending to be King of the Blog. This is simply unacceptable, so to teach the bad boy a lesson, I’ve locked him up in the utility closet where we store all our overstock tonberry plushies. That should give him something to think about.

Now then…
Back on Tuesday, Yoshi-P had everyone on the FINAL FANTASY XIV development team participate in a half-day play test of the soon-to-be-released Beta Version. Sure, it was the perfect chance to sift through the content and find bugs or whatnot, but it was also an opportunity to take a step back and experience the game as players, and that in itself was just plain fun.

In addition to watching a bunch of new quests…

…some of us partied up and tried our hands at the Full Active Time Events (FATE)…

…while some of us did runs through the new instanced dungeons…

…and then there were those of us who just spent four hours in the Adventurers’ Guild harassing that cute Lalafell in the short skirt and high boots.

Good times!


4 thoughts on “FFXIV Dev Blog: This Is Not A Test

  1. wow. really nice pics. would love to play Beta and try those mobs myself. looks really fun. hmm, what is that thing in the first and second pic??? m(^.^)m

  2. lol, that’s rare. There should be more update when the DEV team leaves their desks, drawing boards and offices to play test their own work of art!

    Lol, shorter skirts and higher boots on female Lalafells with knee-high socks huh!? XD

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