Indie Digital Distribution Site Shiny Loot Enters Beta

Shiny Loot

Shiny Loot– a digital distributor that focuses on indie titles for PC, Mac, and Linux has gone into beta today for those with invitations codes.

The site features a trait system that allows you to find not just a specific game, but games that contain the components you want. The feature allows for an element of discovery by allowing users to look for the types of elements they enjoy in their games and seeing which games can offer those.

Let’s say you’re into RPGs and you’re looking for something new. With Shiny Loot you can go in and tell it you’re looking for an RPG and then you can tell it that you want one with classes, crafting and skill based leveling and it will give you games that have all of those elements. With other distributions systems you either have to know the game you want, or you have to look at a category, pick a game that could be interesting and then do some research to see if it has what you’re looking for in a title.

Shiny Loot

The majority of the games on the site now, are under $20.00 and come with no obtrusive DRM- a validations key is the most you’ll see here. While other digital distribution platforms require you to download a client in order to make your purchases and download them, Shiny Loot works right from your browser.

For those interested in trying out Shiny Loot and don’t have an invitation code to sign up don’t worry, we got you covered! Just enter “gamerescape91shiny” when signing up.